$FB Still in Third Wave Advance of Intermediate Degree

I first identified $FB as likely entering a third wave advance in this tweet on February 6th and it has since appreciated almost 40%.

Within that third intermediate (orange) wave, I expect that it is still in its 3rd minor (green 3). Since it has passed many fib extensions, we should look to the next two fibs for where it may stop. We have $406 and $432 (the 3.618 & 4.618 extensions, respectively). When it gets there, it should consolidate in its 4th minor (green) wave before advancing again to the end of the 3rd intermediate (orange) wave. That may take us to the orange target box.


[UPDATE]: I have revised this analysis here. I still expect these targets to be eventually met, but I am cancelling this particular call because of the changes I have made.

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