Goodbye Tag Cloud, Hello Custom Ticker List

I was facing a bit of a looming problem. I like the idea of a Tag Cloud, but there was one serious threat: while one may create as many tags as one wishes, the Tag Cloud limits the number made visible to 100. And I cover more instruments than that. Eventually, not all of the instruments I cover would be accessible on the sidebar and they would have to be searched for manually.

Well where there’s a will, there’s a way and I instead opted for a manual custom option that groups the tickers into several categories (stocks, indices, metals, etc.). Doing this provides me with a limitless option, and by grouping them as I have, I hope finding charts on the site becomes even easier.

When I introduce a new ticker that I have not yet made a post for, I have only to copy and paste a big block of code that is automatically generated from my list of instruments (locally, on my computer) and it will add it into the sidebar. So, fairly straightforward, and as time progresses, I will have to do that less and less often as I continue to populate the site with content.

Perhaps at some point I will have to divide the Stocks & ETFs section into several subgroups (“A-F,” “G-M,” etc.), but that will be very straightforward once the time comes.

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