A Member Request: $BWXT, First Impressions

A member has requested that I look at $BWXT and I forgot for over a week (I’m sorry about that). I haven’t studied it before now, so I will give some first impressions.

This large structure would generally be interpreted as a triangle. It’s not clear to me whether the E wave is done, but they often fall short of their trend lines (but not always). In this neighborhood, I would generally have a bullish bias on this, personally. After such a long period of consolidation on such a large scale, it may run for years and years after this.


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2 thoughts on “A Member Request: $BWXT, First Impressions”

  1. Thx Dereck. Exactly my impression. BWXT build and maintains entire US Navy nuclear fleet. Developing version for Army and a mini nuke for civilian and corporate use. Imagine a copper mine powered by a nuke? Also an expert Uranium fuel provider. One of my favs. LEU too. BTW don’t be discouraged. You remind me of Rambus Chartology who I subd to for years. Find a area of the market you love and work it

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