An Update on $F

After my last call on $F made here worked (we got the target I was looking for and then some), I have had to monitor the price action before making a new assessment. That time may be about now.

I think we may have finished minute (blue) 3 today, and we may see a pullback for minute 4 before rallying a final time for minute 5. An appropriate place for it to visit may be the old high from last June, as that may create what I believe may become the lip of the cup of a cup and handle formation. After that, we may then see a pullback for minor (green) 2, followed by (if I’m right) a long journey to $25-$30.


[UPDATE]: Since my general thought that we would continue up has been correct, I will file this under “Successful Calls” despite it not quite behaving as I expected while its done so. I don’t see any immediately obvious way to count this just yet from here. I will need to monitor the price action from here prior to making a new call.


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