$MSFT Bullish Consolidation Target

Generating a reliable long-term wave count for $MSFT is virtually impossible given the perfectly exponential curve of its long-term trend. There are not enough big corrections to derive credible corrective waves of anything past Supercycle 2 (which seems clearly to be the move from the dot-com bubble bursting through the GFC). Everything past that seems like guessing to me. Everything after that is in some indeterminable wave 3 for which fib extensions are completely powerless to assist us.

For all we know, we are still only in the ones and twos of that 3.

We can, however, generate targets locally using basic structures and local fib extensions and zig-zag rules. A successful breakout of this consolidation should take us to the target box above:


[UPDATE]: Since we’re so close now, I will go ahead and file this under “Successful Calls.” I will need to monitor the price action from here prior to making a new call.


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