$BTC Long-Term View

In my last post on $BTC, I gave a target that we’re still working our way towards, but I want to update my long-term count here for you guys (and gals).

The recent large correction off the all-time highs has the right depth “in price” and size in therms of “time” to be a two. And the only way to really get a two here is through a nest. So, here’s what that looks like zoomed out a bit. This intermediate (orange) 3 will almost certainly arc above this channel. We should have quite a ways up from here.

It’s impossible for me to say exactly where we’ll end up, but primary (pink) 3 will probably be $200-$300,000 or something absurd like that. I think we’re in the 3rd cycle wave, and about to enter the third of the third of third of that wave.


[UPDATE]: We rallied sharply in the right direction for this long-term count, and still remain 11% above the price from the original post above. However, there are some developments that have made me doubt this count, and so I am now cancelling this call.


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