A Couple of Explanatory Notes Added to the About Page

I have added some explanatory remarks to the “About” page because what’s clear in my mind about the procedure I use for classifying my charts may not be clear to everyone else’s minds, so I thought it might be helpful to be direct and as clear as possible. So, I’ve elaborated on how I work through my charts. And instead of directing you to reread the entire About section, I will post the added paragraphs here below so that you can read just the added components.

The specific procedure I use for “categorizing”:

I want to explain to you the procedure I use when dealing with the calls I make so that when you locate a chart for a given underlying, you can better understand its status. I cover many instruments and it’s impossible for me to update each chart with a new post after every squiggle in the market. Most of the calls I make on individual names are pointing to something weeks or months away. My shorter-term calls are frequently confined to the US indices (but not always). I post updates to the indices (especially the S&P 500) almost daily.

When I make a prediction and generate a post, I first categorize it under “Active.” Now, I monitor all of the names for which I have an “Active” post on a daily basis. Each day, I walk down a watchlist that has all of the tickers with “Active” calls on them and I assess whether I think the call I made is still reasonable. So long as I feel that it is, then I do nothing. I leave the post as is, and you can assume that if you see a chart from three weeks ago, if it’s still categorized as “Active,” then I still believe that the call I made is reasonable, even if we haven’t yet rushed straight to the expected level. I feel that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to reiterate a given call that I’ve made, because it will populate the site with a lot of redundant content.

Now, over time, one of three things will happen:

  1. If we get to (or very close to) my target, I will update that post, add a screenshot showing the target being reached (or very nearly reached), and I will celebrate a victory by recategorizing the post from “Active” to “Successful Calls.” Most of the time, that’s it. I’m not making another call at that point. Typically, I need to then monitor the price action before I can determine a new target.
  2. If we deviate too far from my expectations, I will update that post, add a screenshot showing the target failing to be reached, and I will suffer my humiliation by recategorizing it from “Active” to “Unsuccessful Calls.”
  3. If I lose faith in a call I’ve made, but the price has not wildly veered off course (yet), then I will recategorize the original post under “Cancelled Calls.”

Now, when one of these events transpires, I can’t always announce each and every re-categorization, because it will inundate everyone with too much information. It’s generally my expectation that someone who is interested in a call that I’ve made will mark their own charts with targets I’ve provided and will be able to assess whether things are going according to plan without my having to update a particular chart every day. If you’re following a particular call closely yourself, it may be advised to check in on a given post throughout the week to see if it remains categorized as “Active” or not. If it’s not any longer, I will have updated the post with some kind of explanation.

In each of the these three cases, I will make the post available to the public. In the event that I do feel like a new call is warranted when one of the three things above happens, then I will generate an entirely new post and categorize that new post as “Active.”

I have just added a asterisk feature today:

I have also added “asterisks” to the right of each ticker for which I have an active call. In other words, if the ticker is present on the left, it means that I have, at some point, made a chart for that ticker. But, I may not have a present call for each and every ticker. When that happens, it’s because one of the three things listed in the section above has transpired, and I am in the process of monitoring the price action to see if something new develops that will give me confidence in making a new call.

Note: When my work is first published on this website, it is made available to patrons who support my work through my Patreon account. Over time (usually after a period of a few months), I make the work public. To gain access to my work when it is produced, please consider becoming a patron. More information may be found on my About page and on my Patreon page.

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