A Wild Thought on $TSLA

Before going any further, it would behoove you to read the last posts I’ve made on $TSLA here and here.

The problem I’m having really boils down to two things: 1) the wave degree correction I’m understanding us to be in (cycle) needs to be BIG, especially in time, and 2) I cannot unsee the triangle that formed in July of this year (you’ll see this below marked as an orange B in the middle).

There is still a way to salvage this whole move as a “correction,” and it, too, would be to make it a flat. And honestly, it counts pretty well that way, the triangle can sit in there as the intermediate (orange) B, the second triangle in there can be the minor (green) 4, and we may simply have had a super-extended minor (green) 5 (of orange C, of pink B, etc).

I like this well enough I think I’m going to call for it. We should see 5 waves down to pink C (if a running flat, lower if expanded).


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