$ES Should Be Ending a Move at Any Moment

It’s been quite the ridiculous pump, and finding its end has been difficult. Now, micro-counting is fraught with hazards, so I often shy away from it and prefer the larger brushstrokes, but, we do have a tool we can use here to try to give us something. It is often the case that when we draw a channel from waves 1 and 3 to 2 (green arrows), we can then identify wave 4 (red arrow) when that channel is breached. And so, using that here, we may have some confidence that we are, at the very least, in the 5th and final wave of something.

Now, within this last leg, the big ramp on the 3rd is probably the third wave of this 5th wave, and so we should be exceptionally close to a turn of some kind.

(Ignore where I’ve stuck that green 5 at the top; I’m not suggesting we necessarily go up there, I just stuck it up there to be out of my way.)


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