Entirely Speculative, Exotic $ES Count

I am always open to exotic Elliott Wave counts because we rarely get exactly what we are expecting, and having a variety of counts in mind can help us to adapt as the market deviates from the expected. Two advantages of this count:

1. It would help us to account for the sheer size of this present rally. It would allow it to be the end of a very big wave. And if we do get a correction, that is also big, it could simply be the two I had been looking for at the October low. If it is, it may go as low as the 50-61.8% retracement (where I’ve stuck the orange 2), but it need not go that low, and in fact, no other 2 so far has gone that low yet. But, if we did take out the prior lows, it would make everyone panic, and if everyone then thinks the world is ending, then that’s when huge threes sometimes like to make their appearances.


2. The last time we had a speculative frenzy like this, it turned out to be a “two.” Last time it was primary (pink) two, on my labeling above. And that two shook all of that excess out of the system. For all we know, a big intermediate (orange) 2 here, might as well do the same.


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