When Memes Become Reality

I’m not psychotic enough to call for this directly, but I just want to point out an observation to you on $ES.

  1. Yesterday, I pointed out the absurdity of what we would need to see in order for basic fib relationships to emerge for the degree of structure that I believe we are in.
  2. The other day, on Twitter, I posted a shit post joking about the measured move of a bull flag.

However, that measured move actually does satisfy the fib relationship we may need to look for. The rally we just endured was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, and sometimes madness begets madness. I’m not calling for this per se, I am simply aware of its possibility and want to share that awareness with you.

Traditional measured move of a successful breakout of a bull flag with a “pole” as large as the one we saw. It would imply that the minute (blue) 3-4 I have on here is actually probably itself a 1-2.


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