I Am Going to Slightly Shift the Focus of This Website

First of all, I would like to deeply thank all of you for having joined my website. I very much enjoy creating the work that I do, and I am grateful that you find it of some use to you in your own navigation of the markets. I really do enjoy the time I spend creating the work. I find it stimulating and rewarding.

When I created the website, in addition to the work you see me produce most often, I envisioned a library of charts for many people to make use of for sometimes longer-duration trades, but as I’ve worked through the new website’s growing pains over the last few months, I’ve come to realize that much of that work will go wasted. I am personally unable to take trades on every underlying for which I make a call, and I created that library expecting a bit of a larger audience who might make use of such a body of work. In other words, when I created the site, my thought was, in order to get things going, “More content is better than less.”

But, in the end, the audience is small, and I don’t really mind that; in fact, I kind of enjoy it.

As it stands, there are more tickers on this website than there are users, and it makes less sense for me to focus on updating calls for individual names that will mostly remain as a curiosity for people’s browsing. That said, much of that work did not go entirely to waste, as a vast majority of the calls I’ve made on individual names have hit the targets I expected them to. And so, it’s a bit of a portfolio for me now, a body of work serving as evidence that the technical analysis I conduct is reasonable and very often predictive. And that is good to be able to demonstrate to people.

The shift in focus will be in the following way: many of the calls on individual names will be relegated to the status of a side hobby. If I see a setup that I think is particularly promising, I will point it out when I am able to, but my main focus throughout each week will be:

  1. Regular technical analysis updates on the S&P 500, including frequently updated Elliott Wave counts
  2. Broad market analyses where I assemble market information which I believe gives insight into market direction
  3. Somewhat frequent technical analysis of the other major U.S. indices
  4. Chart requests from members will remain a priority

I write this post in order to be explicit about the shift I intend so that you can decide whether remaining as a member is suitable under these conditions. Regardless of your decision, I offer my kindest thanks and deepest gratitude for having joined while I’ve worked my way through figuring out exactly what it is I want to do here.

Note: When articles are first posted, most of them are made available only to my Patreon supporters (I do try to publish some public posts on occasion). Over time (usually after a period of a few weeks or so), I make all of the work public. To gain access to my work when it is produced, please consider becoming a patron. More information may be found on my About page and on my Patreon page. In a nutshell, patrons of any denomination (you get to pick the amount) will be able to read my weekend analyses, Tier 1 members ($20/mo.) get access to all of the articles I write, and Tier 2 members ($35/mo.) get access to those, plus counts on other instruments and my Discord chatroom.

6 thoughts on “I Am Going to Slightly Shift the Focus of This Website”

  1. Hello ..I find analysis available for multiple tikrs very useful and I am using it for identifying buy/sell points ..disappointed to hear that this feature will go away..

  2. This is totally fine. Highly appreciate all the work and the specially the view to look so many different items before making sense to this money spent leveraged world. Comment from Finland, Europe.

  3. I also rnjoy the analysis on the variety of tickers, in many cases it has enabled me to look at names I otherwise hadn’t considered. I realize what a time investment that must be so your tweaks make a lot of sense.
    Thanks for sharing what you do. You’re damn good at this..,.

  4. Hi Dereck, THANK YOU for the great detail you put in your analysis. I would appreciate it if you could post at least a few tickers, especially since there is not much direct co-relation between the indices and stocks(at least, I find it that way and I don’t trade the indices). Thanks again! Good Luck!

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