$PLTR: Bull Count and Targets for 2022

I will defend the bullish stance I’m taking here in a separate article, so let me just focus on this particular call.

The last call was here, and it’s worked well. The trouble for bears here is that it started its life off with a very nice impulse wave. And it’s obviously corrected ever since. And its come to roughly where we would expect it to come to for a two. And so, goodness, this may be only in the early stages of a huge move that will last for some time. The minimum target is the orange box above, but it may go significantly higher, and in fact I expect it to so that there will be a huge gap between it first and fourth primary waves The other targets are 113, 150 and 186).

The public is very bullish on this stock and I think this long, exhausting correction has simply shaken most of them all out.


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4 thoughts on “$PLTR: Bull Count and Targets for 2022”

  1. I will try to do an update on this one soon. This one fits the category as all those other growth names that have been hammered. I wouldn’t say it’s invalidate per se, but rather, it’s a matter of finding where that big two is coming in. This still counts this way, but I’m not yet sure if the bottom is in yet or not.

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