I Continue to Favor the Bullish $ES Count

Boy, I wish we would enter a trending market—I don’t care which direction. Trying to catch the twists and turns in such a choppy mess is difficult and tiring.

We didn’t get a big rally today, but we didn’t fall apart too badly, either. So we’ve sort of been left in suspense over the weekend. The ultra-bear count remains possible, but until we actually see some real selling, I prefer the bullish count, as a long and complicated and merciless and tiresome and unending wave 2, a 1-2-1-2 nest at this point. The target for minuette (orange) 3 is the orange box, but it may go further if it ever shows up.


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2 thoughts on “I Continue to Favor the Bullish $ES Count”

  1. More impulsive moves? Or does the volatility drop and start narrowing the megaphone?
    I suppose we may not get that until EOM?

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