I Do Not Have a Favored Count at This Time Now

Given that we’ve taken out the last low, I have to believe the market is more bearish than I am expecting. I have no high confidence way to count this at this time, and will have to devote some time to reconsidering prominent options here. With the insanely high DIX, I still half expect this to rally powerfully, but until we do, I now have to suppose that we may head back to the lows (orange box), to my significant surprise.

I cannot count thisย impulsively to the downside, unless it’s all ones and twos, and that would entail that we’re about to have a very serious crash. Are we? I don’t know. I suppose it is possible.


3 thoughts on “I Do Not Have a Favored Count at This Time Now”

  1. First of all, thank you for making this public. Loooking forward to reviewing your post as I just subscribed today.

    A small suggestion if you don’t mind:
    Are you able to add time when a post was placed on your write up. For example; I am not sure if the 2/11 post from today is before the 100 points drop on SPX/ES or after? If there is ‘time’ stamped next to the date on each post, we will know if that post is relevant on a big move day like today.

    1. I will see if I can add that (I think I tried in the past, but the theme I am using didn’t want me to do it), but generally, in the past, I have expected people to see what time a post was published based on the price action. But I will see if I can get a time stamp added.

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