My Work Will Be a Public Resource for the Time Being

I have deeply enjoyed creating the work that I publish on my website (I find it stimulating), and I am profoundly grateful to my members for making it possible. I spend a great deal of time conducting and communicating my analyses and without my members, I would not be able to produce the work that I do in the format that I prefer (the longer format of a website as opposed to the shorter format of just Twitter).

That said—and this part is entirely my fault—I am a terrible marketer. It’s repugnant to me. Successful marketers highlight their accomplishments and conceal their faults, and, at least in the Twitterverse, they also often aim to polish their own appearance by diminishing others’. And these are behaviors that run counter to the traits that I hold most dear. I’m just not a chest thumper by nature. And I would much rather let my work speak for itself, and quietly so, and that just doesn’t drag people in. People want to see a spectacle and it is difficult for me to produce one.

And because I am terrible at marketing the analyses that I publish here, it’s been difficult for me to gain new members over time. So I am going to try a different approach.

Instead of having a limited number of members each required to pay some amount each month (a private resource with required donations), I will now try a different tactic: I will make it a public resource with voluntary donations. The gamble that I am taking here is that I may end up taking a pay cut, but in the face of declining membership, it’s a risk I feel I must take.

So, going forward, please enjoy the work, and if you find it helpful, chip in from time to time if you are able to.

Also, one of the reasons I took much of my work private is because having a large Twitter account subjected my work to mountains of unsought opinions and unwanted criticism, and it’s exhausting to try to sift through all of that. And so, I may disable comments here on the site, and on Twitter from time to time to limit my exposure to some of that. Enjoy the work, I hope it’s helpful. If it’s not, just move along in a grim and disapproving silence.

Last Note: There are advantages to having private analyses: namely, if too many people expect a certain outcome, it’s less likely to happen. And so, at some point in the future, I reserve the right to privatize my work again. If by expressing my work publicly, sufficient interest is generated in a private group again at some point, I may go back down that road again in the future.

Note: When articles are first posted, most of them are made available only to my Patreon supporters (I do try to publish some public posts on occasion). Over time (usually after a period of a few weeks or so), I make all of the work public. To gain access to my work when it is produced, please consider becoming a patron. More information may be found on my About page and on my Patreon page. In a nutshell, patrons of any denomination (you get to pick the amount) will be able to read my weekend analyses, Tier 1 members ($20/mo.) get access to all of the articles I write, and Tier 2 members ($35/mo.) get access to those, plus counts on other instruments and my Discord chatroom.

8 thoughts on “My Work Will Be a Public Resource for the Time Being”

  1. you’re an excellent analyst, but perhaps more important is you’re a good man. Kindness is the word that comes to mind. I sensed that many months ago when I found your twitter feed. I wish you great success in whatever publishing format you choose to use, both now and in the future.

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