Here Is a Count Possibility for Cash $SPY

In addition to the futures count I have updated throughout the day (on this page), I will also offer a count for the cash session here using $SPY.

It is possible that minute (blue) “a” is in now, though if we faced a triangle today, we may need one more low to complete the structure. In either case, I am expecting a move back to the down trend line to begin soon for minute (blue) “b.” If we do get that move and it takes the form of a 5-wave impulse (instead of the expected 3-wave corrective structure), then the alternate count may be in play (suggesting that minor [green] 2 is already in).


I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day. If your significant other didn’t give you a big ‘ol hug today (or if you don’t have a significant other), please accept a big ‘ol virtual one from me. 🙂

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