Here Is a Look at $COIN and a Target

I have received a request to examine $COIN. I cannot always accept every request, but I do have something I can say about this one, as I have watched it with some regularity since its inception.

I believe it has finished the major correction that it began directly from its IPO (a large A-B-C structure—you can see the “C” down there at the bottom of the chart). I believe it finished that structure on 1/28 and that is has now entered a new, bullish structure. From that low, I count a 5-wave impulse to the upside, with a 3-wave pullback that came to the appropriate place for a wave 2 (the 50-61.8% retracement—the orange box we’re in now).

The target for minor (green) 3 is the orange box above us—at a minimum.


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