Let’s Take a Quick Look at Oil

I believe that $OIL has completed an impulse wave to the upside. It may fail anywhere here around the orange box just above us, and if it does, I would expect it to enter the orange box below us before finding support. After that, I expect it to continue its uptrend. If such a scenario does begin to play out, I will endeavor to release an updated chart on this.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Quick Look at Oil”

    1. I don’t know yet, but it will be very high. I will need to wait for this pullback to complete before I can generate the target. But, I suspect it’s going to be way up there. And thank you, you’re dear to me, have a nice weekend.

  1. Nice chart! I have the exact same count as you for you’re green 1-5. However, what is you’re larger count if you’re calling that 5 up a 1? I have that last green 5 up completing 5 up off the the 2020 lows for a major 1 top being in. And what you have as your green A wave down I have as a 1 2 i ii, with the ii being an expanded flat looking to complete in your green B area

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