My Work Will Soon Be Supported Using a Patreon Tier Model

Just a quick update alerting everyone to some website changes that will be coming up.

In this post, I described to you my reluctance to heavily market my work (because I find it difficult to point to myself constantly) and I explained that I would be turning my work into a public resource for the time being, as a trial to see whether I could drum up sufficient demand for the analyses that I enjoy producing. And, after a few weeks of experimenting with that, I believe I now have sufficiently exposed my work to a wider audience, but, as feared in that article, it was very much a steep pay cut, as very few people donated to support the work. I choose to interpret that as an advertising expense well spent.

When my work was previously private, the arrangement I had decided on was not without fault, as there were folks willing to pay more, and other folks willing to pay less, and having one, single price for the work was not ideal. So, I have decided to make use of a Patreon integration, which will allow me to use their “tier” system to offer varying degrees of work to folks of varying need, a menu if you will.

So, I have divided up the work that I produce and have added a few new features, and I will let people choose their own level of interest. As you folks already know, throughout each month, I write articles of a more general character as well as some that are more technical in nature. I have also now added a chat lounge, and two places where I can more easily maintain Elliott wave counts for assets that I am presently watching (one for the S&P 500, and another for other assets). Adding those wave count sections has proven to be of great interest to the public (very heavily trafficked) and it has saved me from the trivial task of writing actual articles which say things like, “no updates of significance to the count at this time,” etc. And, as always, I will continue to accept chart requests, though I have elevated those to a high tier because it typically takes me at least an hour or two to thoroughly generate those analyses.

More specific information may be found on the About page here, and similar details (and prices) may be found on my Patreon page here.

I will be turning the Patreon integration on in a week or so, giving folks time to look around, and time to consider the various tiers I have chosen before any of it actually goes live. Be advised, as it is nearing the end of the month: Patreon charges new patrons when they first join, and then again on the first of every month so if you join a tier now, you will be charged again in just a few more days.

I hope that many of you enjoy the new arrangement and, of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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