I Have Found a Use for My Previously Private Twitter Feed

When I created this website, I needed a way for folks who had contributed to be able to access protected content here, and so I settled on the use of a private Twitter feed in which I could store a password for them to use.

However, as the Patreon model does all of this far more conveniently, I haven’t had a use for that feed, but I’ve thought of something that some folks might like to have.

When I publish content here, it gets blasted to both my public and once-private feeds on Twitter. But on my public feed, in addition to the market-related tweets, I also publish a lot of trash lol—anything from terrible jokes to things I find newsworthy. And so following me there in order to see when new content is published here punishes people by forcing them to sift through all of my garbage lol.

So, here’s what I’ve done: I’ve made that once-private feed a second public feed now. And the only things that get posted there are links to the articles I publish here.

And so: if any of you would like to be push notified of new content I publish here, there are now two better choices: one may use the e-mail form in the left sidebar of this website, and one may now also seek notifications on the now trading-only Twitter feed, using this Twitter feature:

Twitter Notify

In either case, should members want to be told when I’ve published new content here (without also being subjected to my crude sense of humor and whatever I find newsworthy at a given moment), this is an alternative they may use.

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