Beautiful Cruelty

Last post for a while. After this, I’ll just have to sit back and see what happens. In the prior post, I disclosed the bear flag that is forming on $ES futures.

But, since we also can’t rule out the bullish count, I will present them both together. Their juxtaposition is quite interesting to me.

  1. If we’re bullish, we should get another rally, and if it’s a nest (orange 1-2, followed by red 1-2), it could rally back to the overnight high, then fade into the close.
  2. But in doing so, it would also fill out the bear flag for everyone to see, plain as day.

And it’s from that exact moment, that we could either gap (on cash) hugely down or hugely up. How cruel. I will note that the measured move of the bear flag is precisely the target that everyone is looking for: 4000.

I, for one, don’t think we’re going to get it (the move down), but I could be completely wrong about that.


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