Technical Observations for the $XLE/$SPY Ratio

Among the evidence that gives me some conviction that the inflation trade is ending is this chart. I will point out several of its features.

  1. The inverse measured move has been met. It’s greedy to simply expect more without another structure to support it.
  2. The advance from the late 2020 low to the early 2021 high is a clear 3-wave pattern ( the blue “a”).
  3. And from blue “b”, “c” should be an impulse, and it is, as there are 5, non-overlapping waves in that move (the orange count).
  4. The relationship between the length of “c” and “a” is extreme, at 2:1. This would be a terrific place for it to turn.
  5. The bearish divergence on the RSI is what we would expect to see between the high of a “3” and a “5.” in this case those internal to “c.” This suggests the move is more likely to end soon rather than continue.

All of these technicals support a reversion, or even at a minimum, a consolidation or pullback of some kind if not a complete trend reversal.


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