And One More Final (Hopeful) Thought For Anyone Who Bought the Close, lol

You will only see me use these sparingly. I have never been a huge, huge fan of double- and triple-three corrections. They take the labels of W-X-Y and W-X-Y-X-Z. They are complex corrections where each leg consists of 3-wave structures. I don’t often have a use for them, as one can usually accomplish the same end using Elliott’s traditional A-B-C and 1-5’s, but since this entire toppy-thingy we’ve been in can be interpreted as consisting of 3-wave structures, we have enough in place for a triple-three correction (in the green degree).

If so, we could actually see quite a tremendous rally from here. The difference between this one and the bullish impulse wave count is that this would more likely stall around 4400, whereas the big bullish impulse wave would carry us to 4650 (or higher)

So, if we do rally, how far we rally will tell us a great deal.


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