Keep Tabs on This Number

One reason this thought might be just as promising—if not even more promising—than the second option discussed here is a very specific level.

From the all-time high, 20% down is 3846.50 on $ES. That, of course, is the demarcation point for a “technical bear market,” and a close below that level would probably trigger a lot of programs in unforeseeable ways. They may not want to push it that hard. And so, the Wyckoff “spring” may be the superior option, because a lot of buy programs may actually jump in soon to prevent just such a close below this level.

So, worth keeping an eye on the number.


There is also a shit ton of puts in the system right now and I have a pretty good feeling that they might go up in smoke. $SPYmax pain” for monthly OPEX (this Friday) is actually 422!!!

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4 thoughts on “Keep Tabs on This Number”

  1. So based on this, I should YOLO entire account on 6/17 Spy $420C? They’ll be pretty cheap tomorrow morning! If it works out, I can retire forever on my private island! Otherwise, join Saylor behind the counter at McD ;-))

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