The Armageddon Count

Now you guys already know that given the state of sentiment and many other things I can determine here, I do not think this is likely. But, I do just want you to know that it exists. I have been looking for and anticipating a major low to come in under the market for some time, and its been frustrating that one has not yet materialized. And, in the end, that may simply mean that I am wrong to look for a low. And that sentiment and the wide belief that we are doomed are right.

We will simply have to see. But, if everyone is right, there is a deathly bearish count that is available to us, and I think that you should know that it exists. Because, if there is the biggest, baddest rug pull in history coming, the likes of which none of have ever seen before, this is roughly about where they would do it, I would expect. So, we can have a long nest of ones and twos, with all these twos revisiting the area of the fours of prior degrees. And that’s about where we’re at now.


Again, I would like to believe this won’t happen, but anything is possible. And if we do drop, but things deteriorate sharply worse than I anticipate here, things like this can happen. I wouldn’t expect this without us first wrestling with the 250-week EMA, and this count suggests we would slice right that as if it weren’t even there, so I suppose if this did happen, it would be associated with very bad news somewhere.

At any rate, I would feel negligent to not share this with you, all the while knowing that it exists, so here you are. If you have bearish inclinations, this is your moment lol.

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