$SPX Update

We know there should be a relationship between Blue 5 and Blue 1. I have listed the levels at which such an occurrence can occur.

If we don’t break this high, that could be it. If we do, we’re likely headed to the next one. If we stop there, that could be it. If we breach that, we’re likely headed to the next one after that. It cannot go higher than top one, as it would make Blue 3 the shortest wave, which is a rule violation.


The most ideal fib “externally” (since we haven’t stoped at my desired 4220 range) is the top one at 4321. At that level, there is a good relationship between Green C and Green A, and Orange B and Orange A. But if it stops at the others, I will have to try to look for something else externally. I have now hedged for this possibility as a precaution.

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