One Way to Count the Whole Thing

Just looking at the relationships available to us here. I’m not making any predictions. IF we stage a huge recovery—which doesn’t look too good so far—there is a remarkable number of things that come together all in the same place.

There is very close wave balance between the decline from our all-time high to today’s low and the height of the GFC (and I have reason to believe that these two motions—our “bear market” and that one—are related legs of the same much larger structure). Within ten points is fine for the time involved here:


Our larger structure has good balance here in many respects:


The most recent decline from the August high can also balance here:


And I’ve already pointed this out:


So, counting from top to bottom, there’s a nice picture here. I know it’s not popular to point these out right here, but all I’m doing is saying: IF we stage a huge recovery, then this will explain why.

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