A Minor Site Update (New Tiers Added, Some Content Shifted)

This will affect very few of you, so many of you may disregard this.

I needed to add some more expensive tiers in order to bring what I offer closer to that of my peers. However, I did not want to raise prices for existing members. So, most everything will remain the same: the very vast majority of you are here to read the articles I produce and to discuss things during the day in the Discord server.

And so, that will remain the same: patrons of any denomination will still be able to read the weekend articles so that they may sample my work a few times per month to see if it is to their liking. And all articles may still be read by members in “Tier 1” for $20/month. And, access to the Discord server will remain in “Tier 2” at $35/month.

The area where I will expanding my work is with my “Other Counts” of various indices and other assets for which I do not always write an entire article for. I will still write some articles on individual stocks, as I always have. But, I will be expanding the number that I keep on the separate, dedicated pages. And access to those will be made through two additional tiers, bringing my services closer in line in price with others who do similar (but of course inferior, kidding) work.

So, I just wanted to announce that. Please don’t feel at all obligated to join either of those two new tiers. I know most of you visited those pages infrequently. And I’m not trying to up sell anything here. I’m just noting that these changes are being implemented.

This also gave me an opportunity to clean a few things up and make a few things more obvious (on how join, etc.).

Many thanks, I love you guys, thanks for enjoying the work!

Note: When articles are first published, most of them are made available only to my Patreon supporters (I do try to publish some public posts on occasion). Over time (usually after a period of a few weeks or so), I make all of the work public. To gain access to my work when it is produced (or to join my Discord chatroom), please consider becoming a patron. Note that there is a 7-day free trial period. More information may be found on my About page and on my Patreon page.

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