I am a technical analyst and market commentator. I generate my analyses using Elliott Wave Theory, classical chart patterns and traditional indicators such as the RSI and MACD, tools all of which I have made use of for many years. The work that I publish on this website is made available to patrons who contribute through my Patreon page.

Here is a summary of the various forms of work that I produce and the Patreon “tiers” which are required in order to access them (each tier also includes access to the work made available to the tiers beneath it—for example, Tier 3 has access to its own unique content, plus all of the content available to Tier 1 and Tier 2 members, etc.):

— Several times during the course of each month I write Market Commentaries, which are articles on topics such as macroeconomics, or other topics of general interest about the stock market that are not primarily technical in nature (though technicals often do come up). Some examples include articles such as this, this and this. [This material is made available to Tier 1 patrons.]

— I often write, in article format, Technical Analyses, which are discussions regarding what I see with regard to particular tradable instruments from a technical perspective. Some examples include articles such as this, this and this. I write these throughout the month and they cover stocks, commodities, crypto and other assets. [This material is made available to Tier 2 patrons.]

— I publish my present S&P 500 Elliott wave count (and sometimes alternatives to it), which I typically update at least once per day. [This material is made available to Tier 3 patrons.]

— In the Chat Lounge, I make observations during the trading session, if I see something worth pointing out on an intraday basis. These are observations or technical setups that do not merit the length of a full written article. [This chat lounge is also available to Tier 3 patrons.]

— I publish other selected Elliott wave counts for various stocks, commodities or other tradable instruments. The selection changes over time depending on the structures that I see develop. For instance, I may see a count that I think will work well, but even if it does begin to play out as I expected it to, I may not continue to monitor it indefinitely if it begins to behave in ways that I cannot feel confident about predicting, or if it enters a long and complicated period of consolidation—in instances such as these, I will replace them with other charts that I feel are more interesting to watch closely. [This material is made available to Tier 4 patrons.]

— And finally, I take individualized chart requests from members. These are produced in article format in which I discuss how I would interpret the chart, what I am seeing and why, and where I think that instrument may be headed next. Some examples include articles such as this, this and this. [This material is made available to Tier 5 patrons.]

More information about the various tiers (including prices) may be found on my Patreon page. So long as you are a patron, and are logged in there, you should be able to access the relevant content here. If you attempt to access content that is reserved for patrons above your tier, you should see a message similar to this.

For further examples of the kind of work that I produce, please feel free to browse this website’s Directory of All Posts. You may scroll down to articles that have had their padlock icon removed, and any of those should be accessible to you.

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