About me, personally, because you shouldn’t send money to strangers

As many of you have no doubt gathered from Twitter already, I have varying interests spread between activities ranging from philosophy to bodybuilding and history to CAFFEINE. I spent many years in athletics and even more in Academia studying many subjects before settling on the history of philosophy.

Despite my long foray into Academia, I have been involved in the markets for many years and have studied various forms of technical analysis with some care.

About the technical analyses I perform

I make use of classical chart patterns, traditional momentum indicators and oscillators and their respective strategies, Wyckoff patterns of accumulation and distribution, market profile theory and Elliott Wave Theory. I like to combine thoughts from various areas when trying to determine the probability of the direction of an instrument within the market. I think many of the various disciplines complement each other.

I of course also endeavor not to be completely mindless when it comes to broader sector and macroeconomic views: I try to take as many things into account as I can, such as bonds, the dollar, etc., and what effects might be produced from the mutual influences these all have on each other.

About the types of trades I take, instruments involved and timeframes

My main focus is premium collection, but I fear nothing and enjoy many things. I tend to focus on equity options because of their special flexibility, lower capital requirements and leverage, but I trade everything from long and short options, to long and short shares and futures (and options on futures) strategies. I also will take trades based on many different timeframes depending on the trade setups I am seeing, anywhere from intraday to various-duration swing trades to long-term positions.

It is entirely up to you to make whatever kind of trade you think will be a successful one based on the setups I provide.

Access to content

When most (but not all) content is initially created on this site, it is protected behind a password. That password will change periodically. Members will always have access to the current password because I keep it posted in the pinned tweet of the private feed and I e-mail it to e-mail subscribers who are current. You need to join in order to get access to the private feed or to be added to the mailing list.

Over time, as trade setups age, I will remove the password protection from them making the analyses available to the public, but only once much of their usefulness has been compromised either because of the passage of time or the movement of price.

Browsing for content

This website is best used on desktop browsers because many of the navigation features are in a sidebar that is forced to the very bottom on mobile devices.

Using the links in the left sidebar (or, at the very bottom of the page if you’re viewing this on a mobile device), you may browse the content, which I categorize in the following way:

  • Accessibility
    • Protected – These are all of the posts on the site which require a password in order to be accessed.
    • Public – These are all of the posts which do not require a password (some current trade setups can be found here). Also, all old content eventually makes it here.
  • Trade Setups – These are the charts.
    • Active – These are protected trade setups, predictions that I have made (most are only accessible to members).
    • Completed – These are trade setups that are resolved, and they are classified in one of the following ways:
      • Successful Calls – When it reaches a target more or less as expected.
      • Unsuccessful Calls – When I believe I was too far wrong on a prediction, either in time or in price.
      • Cancelled Calls – When I completely change my mind about a trade before anything dramatic happens one way or another.
  • Broad Market Analyses – These are articles in which I ruminate in a basic way on the state of the market as a whole.
  • Observations – These are similar to Trade Setups in that they often refer to single instruments, but in these I am drawing attention to features I am watching but also about which I am making no specific predictions.
  • Youtube Video Analyses – These are what you would expect: a few remarks followed by an embedded video in which I am discussing any number of things. When first produced, they are “unlisted” and so not visible on my YouTube channel. I first make the videos available to members.
  • Tutorials – These are discussions regarding technical analysis in general, in an educative spirit.
  • Site Announcements – These are obviously what they obviously are.

In addition to the categories above, I have listed all of the instruments for which I have charts by their tickers. These are broken up into various groups that can be seen on the left. Clicking on a ticker will bring up a list of the posts I have made on that ticker, presented newest to oldest. I am adding new tickers all the time. (This website is also fairly new, and I am still in the process of migrating work over from Twitter. I have about 50-60 trade setups still to bring over and update.)

And finally, you may receive new posts via e-mail by using the form on the bottom left, beneath the Ticker List.