Update on Website Search Functionality

Previously noted in this post, searching for tickers on the site was not ideal because password-protected posts were excluded from the results.

I have now been able to modify this functionality. Now all posts, regardless of whether they are protected or not, will show up in the results.

And just one quick note on the search feature: I deliberately precede all tickers throughout this website when I employ them with a dollar sign ($). Using that in the search field will help to eliminate unexpectedly wide results in some instances (for example, using “EEM” will return all posts in which I also use the word “seem,” etc., whereas using “$EEM” will limit those results to posts in which I am discussing the MSCI Emerging Markets ETF).

Tags for US Indices Are Now Consolidated

I’ve made an adjustment to how I tag posts that discuss the US indices. Previously, if I was dealing with a chart on $SPY, I would simply give it that tag. Same with $ES, etc. It was more or less chart specific. But, of course, that introduced a strange problem: if someone were looking for information on the S&P 500, regardless of the underlying instrument they were seeking information for in particular, clicking on one of those tags (in a post) or in the ticker list (in the sidebar), would end up giving them only a partial set of posts that ultimately all dealt with the same index. In order to get all the information available about that index, they would ultimately have to click through all links to $SPY, then $ES, then $SPX. And that is sort of absurd.

So, I’ve consolidated the way I tag them all. The links in the sidebar are now conglomerates, so they now are: “$SPY-$ES-$SPX,” “$QQQ-$NQ-$NDX,” “$IWM-$RTY-$RUT,” “$DIA-$YM-$DJIA,” and clicking on any of those conglomerates returns all posts on those respective indices. And clicking on any component (e.g., “$SPY“) within a post has the same effect.

This is something that’s bugged me for a little while now, and I hope this new method makes locating information easier.

A Note on Website Search Functionality

As it turns out (I had to do some digging to be certain), it is a default feature of WordPress to exclude password-protected posts from the search results. Thus, if you search for a ticker using the search tool at the top, you will not see, in the results, posts that are “active” and “protected.”

I believe there is a way to modify this feature, and I am in the process of comprehending the necessary code adjustments that may be necessary.

In the meantime, using the ticker list on the left sidebar will deliver to you a list of all posts for a given ticker, including password-protected ones.

I will let you know when I have this resolved.

$ES That Was the Pump I Have Been Looking For

I have been patiently (ha) waiting for a third wave pump to come along on $ES, and this rally is an excellent candidate for just that. Crucially, we have broken the down trend with conviction. Now, hmm, what to do. There are a couple of problems: if that is a green 2 down there, then we’re in a green 3, and surprises are to the upside in threes. Also, with all this coiling we’ve had, I may even not have enough ones and twos to compensate for it all. For instance, I have my subminuette (red) two down there as a flat, but for all we know, that flat is itself another nested 1-2.

I labelled it the way I have in an effort to be a little conservative. The best I can do for the moment is to pick the best looking 1-2 in there and post the expected extension target for that, and then place all the other numbers around it. The best looking nest in there is the micro (purple) one. So, I’ve posted a box here where we would expect that wave 3 to stop (and ideally at the top of that box).

At any rate, what we would like to see from here is further extension, followed by small corrections and smaller rallies as we go, a long series of fours and fives until the nests all complete. This process could take a couple of weeks: that “yawning arc” I’ve mentioned before.

Just keep in mind: I’ve placed these in a reasonable trajectory, but coming out of a low like this, there’s not a lot stopping the market from becoming unreasonable. You guys will notice that I often have to scoot my projections to the right, as the market can proceed more slowly than I expect, but on occasion, I sometimes have to scoot target boxes and wave labels to the left.


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