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This is a list of every post on this website in reverse chronological order. I have created it in part so that people may browse the content in a single motion if they would like to, and also in an effort to help search engines index the contents of this website more easily. (Recent posts with padlock icons are reserved for Patreon supporters).

January 2023

01/07/2023: A Quick Look at $UPS 🔒

01/06/2023: A Quick Look at $AAL 🔒

01/06/2023: The Weekend Review of Important Assets 🔒

01/05/2023: $SPX Evening Update 🔒

01/04/2023: $SPX Update 🔒

01/03/2023: $SPX Update 🔒

December 2022

12/30/2022: The Long Weekend Review 🔒

12/29/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/28/2022: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend 🔒

12/27/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/23/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/22/2022: Where Is Santa? 🔒

12/22/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/20/2022: $SPX Evening Update 🔒

12/19/2022: A Minor Site Update (New Tiers Added, Some Content Shifted) 🔒

12/19/2022: I Believe a Massacre Is Coming 🔒

12/17/2022: Pour Yourself a Drink: It’s Time for the Weekend Review 🔒

12/16/2022: $SPX Morning Update 🔒

12/15/2022: An $SPX WTF Target 🔒

12/15/2022: Two Equally Valid Paths, It Seems to Me 🔒

12/15/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/15/2022: An $SPX Update 🔒

12/14/2022: A Brief Look at $TSLA 🔒

12/14/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/14/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/14/2022: Copium Post: If the Market Reacts Positively to the FOMC 🔒

12/13/2022: I Am Open to Various Outcomes 🔒

12/13/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/13/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/13/2022: One More $SPX Update (and a Fib) 🔒

12/13/2022: A Bitcoin Observation 🔒

12/13/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/12/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/10/2022: The Weekend Review of the Markets 🔒

12/09/2022: One More $SPX Thought 🔒

12/09/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/08/2022: So Far, So Good: $SPX Unfolding According to Plan 🔒

12/08/2022: $SPX Update 🔒

12/07/2022: A Sort of Minor (But Important) $SPX Revision

12/07/2022: A Quick $AAPL Update

12/07/2022: $SPX Evening Update

12/07/2022: The $IWM Superstructure

12/06/2022: And the Only Thing to Worry About Is the Weird Structure on Futures

12/06/2022: $SPX Evening Update: What I’d Ideally Like to See Over the Next Few Days

12/06/2022: A Thought on $SPX

12/05/2022: $SPX Evening Update

12/02/2022: A Look at $AMD

12/02/2022: $MSFT May Have Completed Its Countertrend Bounce, and Here Is Where It Should Go Next

12/02/2022: $AMZN Remains In Its Markdown Phase: Here Are Two Targets

12/02/2022: If This Structure Fails, the Financials May Fall 30%: A Look at $XLF

12/02/2022: Has the Bearish Case Gone Tits Up? Au Contraire Mes Frères

12/01/2022: Greatly Expanded Evening Post (Early Weekend Review)

12/01/2022: The Bull Trap Scenario

12/01/2022: $SPX Scenario If Sellers Are All Extinct

November 2022

11/30/2022: $SPX Greater Structure

11/30/2022: One More $SPX Thought

11/30/2022: A Few Thoughts on $SPX

11/29/2022: Is the Bitcoin Pump a Clue?

11/29/2022: $SPX Update

11/29/2022: $SPX Update

11/28/2022: One More $SPX Thought

11/28/2022: Two Thoughts on $SPX

11/25/2022: $AAPL’s Path to $100

11/25/2022: A Brief Weekend Review

11/25/2022: $SPX Morning Idea

11/24/2022: Public Chart: Why We Might Expect a 25% Decline in $FDX

11/23/2022: A Few Fibs I Can See Here, and Some Other Things

11/23/2022: A Speculative Way to Salvage the Good Fibs

11/23/2022: $SPX Update

11/22/2022: $SPX Update: Bear Porn Edition

11/22/2022: $SPX Update

11/22/2022: $ES Futures Coffee Hour

11/21/2022: No Changes, But Two More Possibilities: Should We Be Looking Down?

11/21/2022: We Remain in the Triangle-Like Structure

11/19/2022: The Weekend Review: Let’s “Study” the Charts

11/18/2022: A Glance at $ES Futures This Morning

11/17/2022: Let’s Look at a Variety of Things

11/17/2022: And One More Cash Session Update

11/17/2022: $SPX Cash Update

11/17/2022: A Quick Look at the S&P 500

11/16/2022: Public Chart: Let’s Take a Look at the Huge Distribution Top on $TSLA

11/16/2022: $SPX Update

11/15/2022: A Look at Futures This Morning

11/15/2022: $SPX Update

11/15/2022: $SPX Cash Update

11/15/2022: A Look at $ES Futures

11/14/2022: $SPX Update

11/14/2022: $SPX Morning Update

11/12/2022: Is The “Bullish” Price Action Hiding a Beautiful Bearish Future? A Look at the S&P 500, Bitcoin, Yields and the Dollar

11/11/2022: $SPX Update

11/10/2022: $SPX Update

11/10/2022: $SPX Morning Update

11/09/2022: And Here Is What a Year-End Rally Can Look Like

11/09/2022: If This Is a Bear Trap, Here Is a Target

11/09/2022: $SPX Update

11/09/2022: $SPX Update

11/09/2022: And One More Additional Thought

11/09/2022: $SPX Morning Update

11/08/2022: $SPX Crypto Systemic Risk Update

11/08/2022: $SPX Update

11/08/2022: $SPX Morning Update: A Fib Relationship to Note

11/07/2022: $SPX Power Hour Update

11/04/2022: A Look at $ABNB

11/04/2022: Public Chart: A Brief Look at the Structure on Bitcoin

11/03/2022: Weekend Analysis of the Markets: “My Eyes Are Up Here Edition”

11/03/2022: $SPX Update

11/03/2022: An Observation on the Price Action of /ES Futures

11/02/2022: $SPX Evening Update

11/02/2022: $SPX Update

11/02/2022: S&P 500 Potential Path

11/02/2022: $SPX Analysis

11/01/2022: $SPX Evening Update: We May Still Need to Look Up

11/01/2022: A Quick Look at $RBLX

11/01/2022: One More $SPX Update

11/01/2022: $SPX Update

October 2022

10/31/2022: $SPX: Still No Changes

10/28/2022: $SPX Analysis: No Changes

10/27/2022: A Couple More Comments on the S&P 500

10/27/2022: $SPX Update

10/26/2022: $SPX Midday Update

10/26/2022: My Thinking on $SPX Here

10/25/2022: A Few Updates for $SPX

10/24/2022: An $SPX Possibility

10/24/2022: An $SPX Thought

10/21/2022: Let’s Look at the 10-Yr Yield

10/21/2022: And This One’s for the Bears

10/21/2022: $SPX Update

10/20/2022: Still Looking Lower

10/19/2022: $SPX Update, Not Much to Add

10/18/2022: S&P 500 Evening Update

10/18/2022: One More $SPX Update (With some Potential Targets)

10/18/2022: $SPX Morning Update

10/17/2022: $SPX Afternoon Update

10/16/2022: Something for the Bulls

10/14/2022: The Long Weekend Review (S&P 500, Bitcoin, Oil, etc.)

10/13/2022: Here Are Some Thoughts

10/13/2022: Here is the Risk to the Bulls

10/13/2022: Let’s Revisit the Structure on Futures

10/13/2022: $SPX Update

10/13/2022: $SPX Fib For Wave Balance (Large Structure)

10/13/2022: A Look at the Structures on Futures

10/12/2022: A Few More Comments on $SPX (And a Request for Members)

10/12/2022: No Real Changes to $SPX Analysis

10/12/2022: One More Alt for Bears and Bulls

10/12/2022: A Look at Futures

10/11/2022: And Just a Couple More Things to Point Out

10/11/2022: $SPX Update

10/11/2022: $SPX New Low

10/11/2022: Structures on Futures, Key Reversal

10/11/2022: A Few Additional Thoughts on $SPX

10/10/2022: A Few Thoughts on $SPX

10/09/2022: Some Strange Features of the $AAPL Chart, and What It May Tell Us About the S&P

10/08/2022: An Important Bearish Alt Count

10/08/2022: Let’s Look at the Dollar

10/08/2022: Is There Anything We Can Do For the Bulls?

10/07/2022: Here’s The Weekend Thought

10/07/2022: Intraday $SPX Update

10/07/2022: $SPX Update

10/07/2022: $SPX Evening Update

10/06/2022: If the Market Is Bullish, Here Is the Structure in Play

10/06/2022: Plan for Tomorrow

10/05/2022: Last Thoughts

10/05/2022: Here Is One Way I Can Count This

10/05/2022: A Few Thoughts on $SPX

10/04/2022: An Update on the S&P 500

10/04/2022: And Here’s a Look at the Bearish Scenario

10/04/2022: $SPX Update

10/04/2022: The Structure on Futures

10/03/2022: $SPX Post-market Update

10/03/2022: Next Few Weeks If We Bearish

10/03/2022: $SPX Risk Remains

10/03/2022: We Need to Make Sure We’re Not Doing This

10/03/2022: And Structure on Futures

10/03/2022: $SPX Morning Update

10/01/2022: The $SPX Crash Alt (With Targets)

September 2022

09/30/2022: Doesn’t Look So Hot

09/30/2022: An $SPX Update

09/29/2022: Plan for Tomorrow (and Perhaps Further Out)

09/29/2022: Post-Market $SPX Discussion

09/29/2022: And One More $SPX Update

09/29/2022: Another $SPX Update

09/29/2022: $SPX Update

09/29/2022: A Quick Review

09/29/2022: And Just a Couple More Thoughts

09/29/2022: An Alternate (and Target) If We Breach the Lows

09/28/2022: A Review of What I Think Can Happen Here

09/28/2022: The Short-Term Risk to Bulls Is This

09/28/2022: And That Same Structure on Futures

09/28/2022: Structure on $SPX

09/28/2022: The $ES Superstructure

09/27/2022: Still No Changes to $SPX Analysis Yet

09/27/2022: $SPX Cash Count

09/27/2022: No Real Changes to $SPX Analysis

09/26/2022: $SPX Two Fibs If We Break the June Low

09/26/2022: A Look at the Structure on $SPX Cash Versus $ES Futures

09/25/2022: Public Post: The Rout in Bonds Is Probably Over: A Look at $TLT

09/25/2022: Public Chart: The Long-Term Look at Bitcoin

09/24/2022: I Lied: One Final Idea

09/24/2022: One Final Count Possibility for $SPX

09/24/2022: And Let’s Look at Just a Few More Things (Yields, Dollar, Bitcoin, $VIX, and $JNK)

09/23/2022: There or Almost There

09/23/2022: 5th Option, Good Lord

09/23/2022: A 4th Option

09/23/2022: I See Three Options for $SPX

09/22/2022: No Changes to the $SPX Analysis; A Close Look at Today’s Price Action

09/22/2022: And Very Locally, We Have This

09/22/2022: $SPX Level to Take Note Of

09/22/2022: Long-Term $SPX Wave Balance and Count Revision

09/21/2022: And Let’s Look at How We Might Count the Decline

09/21/2022: Let Me Try One More Time

09/21/2022: Well That Was Scary

09/21/2022: A Look at $SPX Before All the Drama

09/20/2022: $SPX Cash Update

09/20/2022: Counting $SPX Cash

09/20/2022: A Glance at Futures

09/19/2022: So Far So Good

09/17/2022: Let’s Check In on Bitcoin

09/17/2022: If We Rally, Here’s the Plan

09/17/2022: Public Post: Downside Momentum Not Strong Enough

09/16/2022: I Am *This Close* to Joining Bull Gang for the Long Haul

09/16/2022: One More Quick Note

09/16/2022: $SPX Local Count Discussion

09/16/2022: A Janky $SPX Count

09/16/2022: A Look at $RTY

09/16/2022: $SPX Morning Update

09/16/2022: One Way to Count the Whole Thing

09/16/2022: It Is Possible That the Market Is Putting In a Beautiful Bottom

09/15/2022: One Last Post, and Then I’ll Shut Up

09/15/2022: Ok, Here’s What I’m Going to Do

09/15/2022: I Am Flat for the Moment

09/15/2022: A Quick Look at the Structure That Is Forming on $RTY

09/14/2022: $SPX Fib Recalculation

09/14/2022: $SPX Temporarily Bullish Outlook Could Unfold Roughly Like This

09/14/2022: A Morning Thought

09/14/2022: One Brief Correction to a Technical Observation

09/14/2022: A Couple of Notes on the Markets

09/13/2022: Two $SPX Thoughts

09/13/2022: Well, That Worked, Now What?

09/12/2022: $SPX: A Few More Thoughts (And a Comment on $AAPL)

09/12/2022: $SPX Update

09/10/2022: Public Chart: And a Quick Look at Bitcoin

09/10/2022: $AAPL Count and Target

09/09/2022: And One More Brief Look at the Most Local Count

09/09/2022: Bull and Bear Cases Should All Head Lower Next: Weekend Discussion

09/09/2022: $SPX, Local Intraday Count

09/09/2022: Let Me Point Out Some Wave Balance Here

09/09/2022: One Morning Thought on the S&P

09/09/2022: A Correction to the Last Article

09/08/2022: Two Possibilities For $SPX

09/08/2022: One More Look at the Triangle

09/08/2022: Two Thoughts on the S&P 500

09/07/2022: And One More Look at the Possible Triangle

09/07/2022: A Few Comments on $SPX

09/07/2022: A Look at Cash $SPX

09/07/2022: The Structure on Futures

09/06/2022: Assessing the Structure on Cash

09/06/2022: Strangle Nirvana

09/03/2022: The Long Weekend Review

09/02/2022: $SPX Pre-Close Update

09/02/2022: A Few Comments on $SPX

09/02/2022: A Zoomed-In View of $SPX

09/02/2022: Some Comments on $SPX

August 2022

08/31/2022: A Look at the Futures Puke

08/31/2022: $SPX Update, No Real Changes

08/31/2022: I Am Inclined to Be Exceptionally Bullish Here: This Is Why

08/30/2022: A Count Variation for $SPX

08/30/2022: $SPX Update

08/29/2022: Some Post-Market Thoughts on the S&P

08/29/2022: A Brief Look at the Futures Bloodbath

08/28/2022: I Would Like to Revisit $GRWG

08/27/2022: I Have Made A Few Website Modifications

08/27/2022: One Last Intermediate-Term Discussion for the Weekend (Important Perspectival

08/26/2022: One More Variation to Bookmark

08/26/2022: Get Me Out At Any Price

08/26/2022: One Last Fib Update on $SPX

08/26/2022: Some Fib Work and Positioning Changes

08/26/2022: One More $SPX Variation

08/26/2022: An $SPX Update

08/25/2022: $SPX Post-Market Update

08/25/2022: $SPX Update

08/25/2022: Some Initial Thoughts on $SPX

08/25/2022: Let’s Examine the Alternate with Greater Care

08/24/2022: A Review of Options Available to Us

08/24/2022: One Strategic Note on $SPX

08/24/2022: $SPX Update

08/23/2022: No Changes to the Analysis

08/22/2022: One More S&P 500 Comment

08/22/2022: In Between Fibs

08/22/2022: $SPX 3rd Wave Characteristics

08/22/2022: A Few Comments on $SPX

08/20/2022: Let’s Look More Closely At the Trappy Bullshit Count

08/19/2022: A Few Comments Going Into the Weekend

08/19/2022: A Few Things I Can Do Here

08/19/2022: Another $SPX Update

08/19/2022: A Few $SPX Comments

08/18/2022: A Few Comments on $SPX

08/18/2022: The Market May Do Something Cruel

08/18/2022: Remark on Futures

08/17/2022: $SPX Post-Market Update (And A Personal Note)

08/17/2022: $SPX Update

08/17/2022: A Look at the $ES Futures

08/16/2022: Two More Observations I Would Like to Make

08/16/2022: Looks Good

08/16/2022: And One More Fib to Take Note Of

08/16/2022: $SPX Morning Update

08/15/2022: $SPX Update

08/15/2022: Some Comments on $SPX

08/14/2022: An Update on $GOLD

08/14/2022: A Quick Update on $ADBE

08/13/2022: One Final Moving Average Study

08/13/2022: Let Us Discuss One Important Level Above

08/12/2022: Let’s Review a Few Charts

08/12/2022: Bears Are Quickly Losing Their Moment of Opportunity

08/11/2022: Some Granular Details On The Structure

08/11/2022: I Will Remain Hedged, Just In Case

08/11/2022: High Probability the Top Is In

08/11/2022: Ok, I Found An Instance of Balance Here

08/11/2022: The Longer-Term Count Possibilities

08/11/2022: $SPX Update

08/11/2022: I Missed One

08/11/2022: $ES Futures Have Struck Two Important Fib Levels

08/10/2022: One More $SPX Update

08/10/2022: $SPX Update

08/09/2022: I Still Cannot Rule Out One More Push

08/09/2022: $SPX: Alt Local Count

08/09/2022: I Am Going to Add One Possibility

08/08/2022: One Last Note on $SPX

08/08/2022: If We Have a Top In, Here’s What I Can Do With For Now

08/08/2022: A Slight Variation of the Last Thought

08/08/2022: A Couple of Notes on $SPX

08/07/2022: $AAL Will File for Bankruptcy

08/07/2022: I Would Like to Take Another Look at Oil

08/07/2022: The Mile-High View on $IBM: What a Stagflationary Decade Will Look Like From Here

08/06/2022: An Update on $HSBC

08/05/2022: One More Push?

08/05/2022: Morning Note on $SPX

08/05/2022: And Let Us Discuss A Backup Plan

08/04/2022: One $SPX Note

08/03/2022: Three Quick Thoughts

08/03/2022: $SPX Update

08/03/2022: A Look at $AMZN

08/03/2022: Very Promising Local Structure

08/03/2022: Let’s Revisit $TLT

08/02/2022: And If There Is Strength, This Is Where I Would Look to Next

08/02/2022: One More Quick $SPX Note

08/02/2022: A Glance at the S&P

08/02/2022: Let’s Review the Structure of the S&P 500 as It Unfolded This Year: Important

08/01/2022: A Glance at $COST

July 2022

07/31/2022: Ideal Roadmap For the Next Few Months

07/30/2022: Super Long-Term $MSFT Fractal

07/30/2022: Scary Talk For a Moment: Long-Term Outlook Revision

07/30/2022: $LMT: The Stock Has Been Distributed

07/30/2022: Here’s One Last Thought on the S&P and then I’ll Shut Up For the Weekend

07/30/2022: Public Chart: The Very Dark $ADBE Situation

07/30/2022: A Look at Microsoft, Since It Was Dumb And Pumped on an Earnings Miss

07/29/2022: There Are Three Things I Can Point to That Are Potentially Imminently Bearish

07/29/2022: A Few Remarks I Can Make for the Weekend

07/29/2022: One Note on an $SPX Level

07/29/2022: Silver Lining

07/29/2022: A Look at $TWTR for Clues

07/29/2022: And Let’s Look at the Alternative

07/28/2022: Post Squeeze Remarks

07/28/2022: The Only Other Place I Can Put It Is Here

07/28/2022: $SPX Next Squeeze Target

07/28/2022: Zoomed Way In, There’s a Lot I like Here

07/28/2022: A Few Notes

07/28/2022: $SPX Wave Balance, and Target

07/27/2022: Just a Couple of Additional Thoughts

07/27/2022: One Quick Note on $SPX Wave Balance Here

07/27/2022: Totally Disregard This Post For Now

07/26/2022: A Hypothetical Count to Keep in Mind

07/26/2022: 400+ Point Move Is Coming

07/25/2022: No Changes to the Analysis

07/23/2022: Public Chart: Could $PYPL Get Cut in Half?

07/22/2022: Weekend Article: A Look at the S&P 500, the Dollar, Bitcoin, Amazon and Tesla

07/22/2022: A Target Price for $SNAP

07/21/2022: A Beautiful Avalanche of Wave Balance at the Close

07/21/2022: $SPX Spooky Price Scale Observation

07/21/2022: A Glance at $QQQ

07/21/2022: Brief Glance at $META: Short the Weird, Android Looking Dude

07/21/2022: Some Fibos: $AAPL, $TSLA & $AMZN

07/21/2022: $SPX Count Possibility

07/20/2022: I Would Like to Add a Psychological Thought

07/20/2022: Just a Few Thoughts

07/20/2022: Two Technicals on $NQ

07/20/2022: SPX at Important Trend Line

07/20/2022: I Have Found Some Wave Balance

07/20/2022: Nice Little Puke

07/20/2022: And One Additional SPX Technical

07/19/2022: Some Post-Market Thoughts

07/19/2022: One Last Comment on $SPX

07/19/2022: $SPX Cash Fib Check

07/19/2022: Dow Futures “Bullish” Wedge Breakout

07/19/2022: $MSFT Update

07/19/2022: A Glance at Crypto: $BTC & $ETH

07/19/2022: Some New $SPX Fibs

07/19/2022: Crack Cocaine Update Hour

07/18/2022: Good Fibs So Far

07/18/2022: Coffee Hour $ES Update

07/16/2022: Ethereum Risks a Move to Under $500

07/16/2022: $AJG, Structure and Target

07/16/2022: Public Chart: Another Pattern of Distribution on $CAT

07/16/2022: Public Chart: A Look at Newmont Mining: $NEM

07/16/2022: A Few Thoughts Summarized

07/15/2022: $SPY: Expecting Rejection Soon

07/15/2022: Brief $AAPL Update

07/15/2022: Some Morning Notes

07/15/2022: Public Chart: A Look at Copper

07/15/2022: $RTY: Granular Count (For the Geeks)

07/14/2022: A Few Post-Market Thoughts

07/14/2022: $SPY: Count Variation

07/14/2022: Will Bitcoin Give Us Clues?

07/14/2022: Two Technical Observations

07/14/2022: $SPY, Local Count

07/14/2022: Bitcoin Has Everything It Needs in Place to Plunge

07/13/2022: Two More Generals: $GOOGL & $MSFT

07/13/2022: $TSLA: Count, Structure, Target

07/13/2022: $AAPL: Count, Structure, Target

07/13/2022: A Few Morning Notes: $ES, $NQ & $RTY

07/12/2022: What Other Evidence Can We look At?

07/12/2022: We Are Really Going to Be Left Hanging in the Balance Going into the CPI Print

07/12/2022: Without A Sharp Selloff, Bullish Short-Term Potential Is Possible

07/12/2022: One Quick Comment

07/10/2022: Some Weekend Thoughts Before the Abyss: Bear Porn Edition

07/08/2022: These Triangle Structures You See Everywhere Are Likely to Fail

07/08/2022: $NQ Local Reversal Target & Wave Count

07/08/2022: Public Chart: $NQ Structure and Target

07/08/2022: A Look at $AAPL

07/08/2022: Morning Market Update

07/07/2022: I’m Sorry to Be Like This, But We Could Crash

07/07/2022: Technical Observation on $ES

07/07/2022: $MSFT Looks Dark

07/07/2022: And $RTY Looks Equally Miserable

07/07/2022: A Way to Count the Cash Session Here, And Some Other Things

07/07/2022: Two More Quick Thoughts, $RTY & $ES

07/07/2022: Still In Limbo

07/06/2022: Two Final Notes for the Day

07/06/2022: Here Are Some Unhelpful Comments

07/06/2022: A Glance at $RTY

07/06/2022: Since FOMC Can Be So Damned Unpredictable, I Will Also Remind Us of This

07/06/2022: Suicide By Consolidation

07/05/2022: Post Market Thought

07/05/2022: Brief Market Update

07/04/2022: Short-Term $ES Update

07/03/2022: So Far So Good; Alternatives I See From Here Are Either: 1) Bearish, or 2) More Bearish

07/01/2022: IF We Break Up, This Is What I Would Expect

07/01/2022: $ES Morning Brief

June 2022

06/30/2022: $NQ Gives Us a Different Picture

06/30/2022: Perplexing

06/29/2022: Some Observations on $IWM

06/29/2022: One Structural Observation on $ES

06/28/2022: And Let’s Review the Bullish Case, Just in Case

06/28/2022: Update on $ES

06/25/2022: If We See Weakness From Here, This Is My Plan

06/24/2022: No Significant Changes to Analysis; A Couple of Additional Observations

06/24/2022: Caution on $NQ

06/24/2022: Observation on $RTY

06/24/2022: Update on the Two Thoughts From Yesterday

06/24/2022: Trade Idea: Unique Setup on $BYND

06/24/2022: Just Talking Out Loud About Some Evidence: A Glance at $M, $BABA, and $META

06/23/2022: Some Aftermarket Thoughts

06/23/2022: And Here Is the Bullish View

06/23/2022: An Intraday Update to the Triangle Thought From Earlier

06/23/2022: And Stealing the $SPY Count for Use on $ES, We Get This

06/23/2022: Micro-Count of $SPY

06/23/2022: What to Make of the Local price Action

06/23/2022: The Bizarre Structure on the $VIX

06/23/2022: A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane

06/23/2022: Let’s Also Reexamine This Structure

06/22/2022: Let’s Revisit An Idea From a Week or Two Ago

06/22/2022: The Armageddon Count

06/22/2022: And Some Bullish Structural Potential Is Also Available to Us

06/22/2022: $ES Intraday Musings

06/22/2022: Two morning Thoughts on $ES

06/22/2022: If Things Get Salty

06/21/2022: Technical Revision to Prior Post

06/21/2022: Short-Term Inclinations on $ES

06/21/2022: Two Perspectives

06/21/2022: Adding $RTY to the Mix

06/20/2022: A Couple of Technical Features

06/18/2022: The Very VERY Long-Term Picture of the S&P 500 and Where We Are at Within It

06/17/2022: Not Calling For This, Just Observing It

06/17/2022: And Just Because of the Uncertainty Here, I Will Reexamine the Darkest Thought

06/17/2022: Two Short-Term $SPY Ideas

06/17/2022: I Am Watching This Trend Line Closely

06/17/2022: $ES Morning Update

06/16/2022: Things Look Good to Me

06/16/2022: The Large Structure I Am Inclined to Believe Is Forming

06/16/2022: Is It Possible That We Do Not Get the Full Measured Move?

06/16/2022: One More Structure I Can See Here

06/16/2022: And Here Is A Backup Plan

06/16/2022: Two Structural Observations on $ES

06/15/2022: A $SPY Possibility

06/14/2022: I Like It, We Could Gap Up

06/14/2022: The Suspense Is Killing Me

06/14/2022: The Risk of a Triangle 4th Wave Remains

06/14/2022: And If the Coil Fails, Here Is the Target for That

06/14/2022: $TLT Update: Are We Finally Getting Close?

06/14/2022: Some Guesswork on $SPY for Now Through Thursday

06/14/2022: $SPY Local Structure, Target

06/14/2022: $AAPL: Local Structure and Target

06/14/2022: $BTC: Local Structure & Target

06/14/2022: Signs and Symptoms

06/13/2022: Not Much I Can Add, Here’s Something of a Recap

06/13/2022: A Quick Glance at $AAPL

06/13/2022: Macro Structure on $SPY

06/13/2022: And One More Technical

06/13/2022: Several Structural Points Re: $ES

06/13/2022: Keep Tabs on This Number

06/12/2022: As Grim As Things Look, We Still Cannot Rule This Out: Full Wyckoff $ES Labelling

06/12/2022: A Technical I Can Point Out That Makes a Crash Here Very Unlikely

06/11/2022: Let’s Revisit $WFC

06/11/2022: An Update on $JNK

06/11/2022: I See A Couple of Options

06/10/2022: Followup to Prior $SPY Post

06/10/2022: $SPY, Micro Structure

06/10/2022: One More $DXY Update

06/10/2022: $SPY Technical Level

06/10/2022: Just About Everything I’ve Got Has the Same Look

06/10/2022: $RTY Technicals

06/10/2022: $ES Morning Look

06/10/2022: Brief Update on $DXY

06/10/2022: The Technical Setup on the $DAX Looks Good

06/10/2022: One Final $ES Observation For the Night

06/09/2022: What $TSLA Tells Me Here

06/09/2022: And One More Final (Hopeful) Thought For Anyone Who Bought the Close, lol

06/09/2022: A Few Post-Dump Comments

06/09/2022: And One More Variation for $SPY

06/09/2022: $SPY Update, 3rd Option Seems to Be in Play

06/09/2022: $SPY Variations of This Morning’s Thought

06/09/2022: $RTY: Some Short-Term Local Details

06/09/2022: Checking In on $AAPL

06/09/2022: A Short-Term $SPY Thought

06/09/2022: A Thought Regarding Magnitude of Move

06/09/2022: All I’ve Got for the Moment

06/09/2022: $IYT: Structure, Target

06/09/2022: Technical Observations for the $XLE/$SPY Ratio

06/09/2022: A Look At the Aussie $XJO

06/08/2022: Ideally, I Would Like to See This on $ES Over the Next Days

06/08/2022: $JNK Update

06/08/2022: Likewise on $NQ

06/08/2022: Gun to the Head, I Would Guess This

06/08/2022: And One More Thought

06/08/2022: The Crux of the Matter May Lie With $AAPL

06/08/2022: Until We See a Range Breakout, Many Possibilities Remain

06/08/2022: Public Chart: $DXY Count and Target

06/07/2022: What I Would Like to See

06/07/2022: Checking In On the Liquidity Thermometer That Is Bitcoin

06/07/2022: $ES Morning Update

06/07/2022: $JNK Count, Target

06/07/2022: One Last Note for the Day

06/06/2022: Comparison of the Counts for $ES, $NQ & $RTY

06/06/2022: One More $ES Variant

06/06/2022: $ES Contraction In Price Gives Us a Few Options

06/05/2022: Revisiting $M, New Target

06/04/2022: $RTY, Next Two Targets

06/04/2022: I Expect No Significant New Highs for $JNJ for a While

06/04/2022: A Discussion on $J: Pattern, Target, Local Wave Structure

06/04/2022: An Examination of International Paper Company: $IP

06/04/2022: Public Chart: A Look at Diamondback Energy: $FANG

06/04/2022: $LVS Long-Term Update

06/04/2022: $LMT Update

06/04/2022: An Update on $MARA

06/03/2022: Weekend Smorgasbord of Observations

06/03/2022: $SPY, Short-Term Speculation

06/03/2022: $IWM Micro-Structure, Macro-Structure & Target

06/03/2022: Quick $SPY Update

06/03/2022: Let’s Look at a Bearish Alternative

06/02/2022: $YM Structure & Target

06/02/2022: $AAPL Structure, Target

06/02/2022: $SPY Local Structure, Target

06/01/2022: Morning Dump

May 2022

05/31/2022: And One More Long-Term Option Available To Us

05/31/2022: A Macro Structure Speculation on $SPY

05/31/2022: Adding Some Speculative Targets to the Last Post

05/31/2022: Some Morning Thoughts on $ES

05/28/2022: Now We Cookin’

05/26/2022: So Far, So Good (Famous Last Words)

05/25/2022: Post FOMC Note

05/25/2022: Target Possibilities for Various Alternatives Available to Us

05/25/2022: Allow Me One Dark Thought

05/25/2022: Let Me Add One Thought to the Last Post

05/25/2022: Premarket Coffee Hour

05/24/2022: Rare Chart Pattern on $SPY

05/24/2022: S&P 500: 3 Structures, 3 Targets

05/24/2022: The Overnight Dump Only Adds to Our Inventory of Structures

05/24/2022: A Brief Look at France’s CAC40

05/23/2022: Some General Things I Am Glad to See Here

05/23/2022: A Few Thoughts Going Into Power Hour

05/22/2022: Three Charts That Make Me Think We’re In Something Entirely New

05/21/2022: The Inflation Trade Is Dead and the Fed Put Isn’t

05/21/2022: A Long- and Intermediate-Term Look at $XLF

05/21/2022: A Deep Dive Into $TWTR

05/21/2022: Behold, the Structures on Tech: $AAPL, $GOOGL & $MSFT

05/20/2022: Some Final Thoughts On the Day

05/20/2022: $RTY Count, Target, Huge Move Coming

05/20/2022: One More Structural Point

05/20/2022: Large Structure on the S&P Revisited

05/20/2022: S&P 500 Update

05/19/2022: Local Structure As I See It on the S&P 500

05/19/2022: This Same Chart Pattern Is Appearing on Many Dozens of Names; Here Are 20 Examples

05/18/2022: The Main Thought on $ES Here: Crash Possibility?

05/18/2022: $SPY Intraday Update

05/16/2022: $SPY Count

05/16/2022: $NQ Count, Structure, Target

05/16/2022: $AAPL Local Structure, Target

05/14/2022: An Update on $FDX

05/14/2022: I’m Either Crazy, or I’m High: A Look at $CGC

05/14/2022: Here Are the Two Ways I Think This Can Play Out

05/13/2022: So Far, So Good; Some Notes on the S&P 500 (And Relata)

05/12/2022: Green Shoots?

05/12/2022: $SPY Structure, Couple of Thoughts

05/12/2022: Will the Boomer Index Save Us? A Quick Observation on $YM

05/12/2022: One Last $BTC Post Before I Head to Bed

05/12/2022: $ES Micro Count

05/11/2022: Bitcoin Observation

05/11/2022: $MSFT Macro Structure, Target

05/11/2022: $AMC Bounce Targets, Speculative

05/11/2022: 2-Second Observation on $AAPL

05/11/2022: $FB Local Count, Target

05/11/2022: One More $AAPL Observation

05/11/2022: $SPY Local Pattern and Target

05/11/2022: Just a Few More Observations, $ES, $BTC

05/11/2022: $ES Morning Brief

05/11/2022: A Candlestick Observation on $ES

05/10/2022: Two Brief Market Observations

05/10/2022: Brief Note on $ES

05/09/2022: S&P 500 Autopsy Report

05/07/2022: Here Are My Expectations If We Get a Little Puke on Monday

05/07/2022: $FDX: Count, Structure, Long-Term Target

05/07/2022: I Ain’t Skeered: Weekend Recap of the Markets

05/06/2022: A Similar Structure Is Visible on $ES

05/06/2022: A Quick Note on $AAPL

05/06/2022: NQ Technical Observations

05/06/2022: Quick Bitcoin Observation

05/05/2022: $ES Futures: Structure & Target

05/05/2022: Morning S&P 500 Notes

05/04/2022: Just a Couple of FOMC Day Comments

05/03/2022: Speculative $SPY Micro Count

05/03/2022: A Couple of Thoughts for the S&P

05/02/2022: So Far, So Good

05/02/2022: No Significant Changes; Some Count Housekeeping

April 2022

04/30/2022: Let’s Examine $FB and Speculate About a Target

04/30/2022: Let’s Revisit $COST

04/30/2022: A Brief Look at the German $DAX

04/30/2022: A Few Observations on Junk Bonds

04/30/2022: Next Major Targets for the S&P 500 and the Psychology I Think Will Accompany Them

04/29/2022: $RTY: Structure and Target

04/29/2022: What Bitcoin Is Telling Me About the Markets Here

04/29/2022: Next Week Will Obviously Be of Paramount Importance

04/29/2022: $AAPL Observation

04/29/2022: Cash $SPY Structure

04/29/2022: Morning S&P 500 Brief

04/28/2022: Brief S&P 500 Recap

04/28/2022: $ES Futures: Structure and Target

04/27/2022: $SPY: Pattern & Target

04/27/2022: A Brief Note on $AAPL

04/27/2022: Quick Morning Notes

04/26/2022: No Significant Changes to Analysis, Here Is One Additional $ES Chart

04/26/2022: Important $DXY Observation

04/26/2022: Beautiful Cruelty

04/26/2022: A Couple More Intraday Thoughts For $ES

04/26/2022: An $ES Micro Count Possibility Here

04/26/2022: A Few Morning Notes on $ES

04/25/2022: Several Small Data Points

04/25/2022: A Quick Note on the $VIX

04/25/2022: Two Technical Observations on $ES Futures Action

04/24/2022: Weekend Market Commentary: Let’s Look at Several Possibilities, Ranked From Least to Most Probable

04/22/2022: One More Quick Technical Observation on $SPY

04/22/2022: Two-Second Technical Observation on $SPY

04/22/2022: Some Observations on the S&P 500

04/21/2022: Throwing the Bears a Bone

04/18/2022: A Quick S&P 500 Recap

04/16/2022: Let Us Examine the Larger Structure on the S&P 500 and Speculate About What It Could Mean

04/15/2022: A Quick Update on the S&P 500

04/11/2022: My Work Will Be Temporarily Interrupted

04/08/2022: Brief Update on the S&P 500

04/08/2022: An Important Update on $TLT

04/07/2022: So Far So Good, But Now What?

04/04/2022: How I Am Inclined to Count the S&P 500 Here, and Next Target

04/03/2022: Weekend Observations on the Stock Market: Bear Porn Edition

March 2022

03/30/2022: An Observation on the New York Composite

03/29/2022: Let’s Talk Yield Curve, Historical Fractals, and More

03/29/2022: A Supremely Emotional Market

03/29/2022: Where Is Supply?

03/28/2022: A Count to Harm Everyone: Speculative Coffee Hour

03/28/2022: Let’s Discuss a Few Technicals

03/26/2022: I Have Found a Use for My Previously Private Twitter Feed

03/24/2022: The Greatest Strangle Trade in Over a Year Is Almost at Hand

03/24/2022: We May Have Entered a Meat Grinder

03/22/2022: My Present Thoughts on the S&P 500

03/21/2022: Evening Discussion of $SPY: Structure & Target

03/20/2022: Member Request: Let’s Take a Look at $DASH

03/20/2022: Weekend Stock Market Analysis: What Now After the Pump?

03/16/2022: $SBAC Pattern Identified and Target

03/16/2022: $AES: Chart Pattern & Target

03/16/2022: Let’s Look at a Bunch of Things

03/16/2022: A Couple of Thoughts on the Pump and Where It Might Go

03/14/2022: An Additional Thought to Harm Everyone on the S&P 500: Pure Evil Evening Edition

03/12/2022: Let’s Take a Multi-Timeframe Look at Wall Street’s Darling: $AAPL

03/12/2022: This Well-Known Stock Is Set for a 30% Decline Over the Coming Weeks

03/11/2022: And Now Let’s Look at the Bullish Case, Too

03/11/2022: Let’s Briefly Discuss the Conditions for a Crash: Just as a Precaution, Because Some of Them Are Present Here

03/10/2022: Post Market Close Recap: Confidence in Another Sell Has Increased Dramatically

03/09/2022: $DOCN: Count Update, Chart Pattern and Target

03/09/2022: Chart Pattern and Target for $ANSS

03/09/2022: Member Request: $WFC Looks Like Something I Have Seen Before

03/09/2022: Member Request: Let’s Take a Look at $ABNB

03/09/2022: Evening Spitball Session: Let’s Count the Major US Indices as One Because Geeks Do Weird Shit Sometimes

03/08/2022: Last Chart for the Night: Let’s Take a Look at $RTY

03/08/2022: A Detailed Look at Both the Bullish and Bearish Alternatives for the S&P 500

03/08/2022: This Pattern on $CLOV Suggests a 40% Move Is Possible

03/08/2022: The Overnight Liquidation Break Was a Crucial Piece of Information: Here’s What I Think it May Mean

03/07/2022: Member Request: Where Are We at in the Wyckoff Structure, and Where Can it Go Next?

03/07/2022: Member Request: A Detailed Look at $TSLA

03/07/2022: Here Are the Alternatives I See for the S&P 500

03/06/2022: Extreme Caution Remains Warranted: A Strong Further Decline May Still Lie Before Us

03/03/2022: Here Are My Thoughts About the Next Few Days for the S&P 500

03/02/2022: Three Charts that Continue to Incline Me to Caution

03/02/2022: Let’s Briefly Look at a Dark Alternative for the S&P 500

February 2022

02/28/2022: It Is My Hope that Bitcoin Will Soon Give Us Some Clues

02/28/2022: Some Observations on the S&P 500

02/27/2022: I Maintain a Bullish Bias, But Also Remain Open to Bearish Outcomes

02/27/2022: My Work Will Soon Be Supported Using a Patreon Tier Model

02/23/2022: Here’s My Thinking Here

02/20/2022: Here Are Some Thoughts I Have on Gold

02/20/2022: Here’s a Thought for You on High Yield Debt and What I Think It’s Not Telling Us to Do Yet

02/19/2022: One Pattern to Watch on Natural Gas

02/19/2022: A Look at $LCID

02/19/2022: A Look at the Death Spiral that Is $RBLX

02/19/2022: The Case for a $PLTR Bottom

02/18/2022: This Pattern on $MSOS May Lead to a 40% Rally

02/18/2022: Here Is a Look at $COIN and a Target

02/18/2022: Let’s Take a Quick Look at Bitcoin

02/18/2022: Let’s Take a Quick Look at Oil

02/17/2022: If $AAPL Is in a Triangle, It Should Find Support Soon

02/17/2022: The S&P 500 Pain Trade

02/16/2022: I Have Added a Chat Room

02/14/2022: Here Is a Count Possibility for Cash $SPY

02/14/2022: There Are Two Main Ways to Count $AAPL; In Both Cases, I Would Expect Higher Prices in the Short Term

02/13/2022: In a Market With Few Unambiguously Bullish Signals, Here Is One Candidate

02/13/2022: A Few Observations on Bitcoin

02/11/2022: Why I Am Not Yet Too Concerned Here

02/11/2022: My Work Will Be a Public Resource for the Time Being

02/11/2022: If We Find Support Here, We Can Count This as One Whole Impulse Complete

02/11/2022: I Do Not Have a Favored Count at This Time Now

02/11/2022: So Help the Bears if this Inverse on $AAPL Plays Out

02/11/2022: Despite Futures Losing the “Nest,” $SPY Cash Still Looks Like It Has One

02/11/2022: The Bull Count I’ve Been Preferring Is Killed

02/11/2022: $ES Micro Bull Wedge

02/11/2022: Member Request: A Look at $EURUSD

02/10/2022: That Was Deep, But I Still Believe It Was a 2

02/10/2022: Above the 2/8 Low, I Am Inclined to Count $ES This Way

02/10/2022: Some S&P 500 Speculations

02/10/2022: Member Request: An Update on $ZM

02/10/2022: Member Request: An Update on $TSLA

02/10/2022: Member Request: $CDEV

02/10/2022: Next Moves on $RTY May Produce a Gigantic Inverse

02/09/2022: $SPY Consolidation Looks Constructive

02/09/2022: A Promising Overnight Push on $ES

02/08/2022: No Changes, Things Look Good

02/08/2022: $ES Morning Update

02/07/2022: And So the Wait Continues

02/07/2022: This Inverse on $SPY Is Compatible with the Bullish Count

02/07/2022: The $VIX, It Seems to Me, Supports the Bullish Count

02/07/2022: No Updates of Any Significance to $ES

02/04/2022: We Continue to Have a Good Setup for a Move to the Upside on $SPY

02/04/2022: Next Fib Range for $SPY

02/04/2022: Unfortunately, I Am Unable to Make a Strong Call Here

02/03/2022: $SPY Looks Good as a “Two” Here

02/03/2022: I May Need to Adopt an Even More Aggressively Bullish Count for the Indices

02/02/2022: $IWM Inverse & Target

02/02/2022: And in Order to Not Be Too Cocky, Here’s the Bear Look on $SPY

02/02/2022: Public Chart: Bull Flag on $SPY Targets 460

02/02/2022: A $SPY Update (No Changes of Note, Just a Couple of Comments)

02/01/2022: I Believe the S&P 500 Remains Within the 3rd of 3rd, and Beware of This Previously Unsuggested Possibility

January 2022

01/31/2022: If $ES Can Muster a Rally Today, Here’s What I Would Expect

01/28/2022: Setup Looks Good So Far on $SPY

01/28/2022: Counting Cash ($SPY) Still Looks Like a Clean Leading Diagonal

01/28/2022: A Quick $ES Morning Brief

01/27/2022: $ES Count Update: Minuette (Orange) 2

01/27/2022: Member Request: An Update on $GOLD

01/26/2022: A Few More Comments for the Day

01/26/2022: $ES Alt Bullish Count

01/26/2022: Quick $ES Update

01/25/2022: Two More Thoughts on $ES for Today

01/25/2022: Presuming I Am Right (Still in Bull Market), A Couple of Near-Term Outcomes

01/25/2022: $ES Count and Inverse Update

01/25/2022: Public Chart: If This Inverse on $ES Plays Out, Target is 4600

01/25/2022: Followthrough Will Incline Me to Believe This Was an Almost Permanent Low

01/24/2022: Watch This Bullish Wedge on $SPY

01/24/2022: Couple of $ES Technicals that Support a Monster Bounce

01/23/2022: So How Bad Are Things? Weekend Market Update

01/21/2022: A Second Rally May Produce a Bearish Structure on $SPY

01/21/2022: An $AAPL Technical

01/21/2022: One Technical Observation for $NQ

01/21/2022: Here Is an $ES Alt In Case the Selling Stops

01/20/2022: I Will Note a Couple of Things

01/19/2022: I Am Inclined to Count $ES Bullishly Here

01/18/2022: A Few Thoughts on the S&P 500

01/14/2022: Totally Speculative Thought on $ES; Just Some Brainstorming

01/13/2022: So, the Bearish Bias Was Prudent, Now How to Count?

01/13/2022: Out of an Abundance of Caution, I Will Maintain a Bearish Bias Until Bitcoin Does This

01/12/2022: Member Request: $BABA Update

01/12/2022: Still Watching Bitcoin for Signs

01/12/2022: $ES Bull/Bear Interpretations, Still Plenty of Uncertainty

01/11/2022: $ES Bullish Interpretation

01/10/2022: $ES Bull/Bear Views

01/10/2022: And an Alternative for $SPY

01/10/2022: Some Guesswork on $SPY

01/08/2022: Bitcoin’s Next Move Is One of Its Most Crucial, I Believe

01/08/2022: What Conditions I Believe Must Be Met to Stop Giving the Benefit of the Doubt to the Bulls

01/08/2022: Member Request: A Look at $IIPR

01/08/2022: Member Request: A Look at $DOCU

01/07/2022: It Is Possible That the Market Is Fairly Bearish Here

01/07/2022: If $ES Has a Strong Close and Clears Some of these Highs, Low Likely In

01/07/2022: The Wildcard Here Is the $VIX

01/07/2022: One Last S&P 500 Interpretation for the Moment

01/07/2022: Still Can’t Rule Out One More Flush

01/07/2022: $NQ May Also Support Another Drop

01/07/2022: Member Request: A Look at $ETH

01/07/2022: $ES May Need Another Low

01/07/2022: Zoomed in Count for Bitcoin

01/06/2022: Member Request: A Look at $DE

01/06/2022: Today’s $ES Thought

01/06/2022: Member Request: An Update on $APPS

01/06/2022: Member Request: A Quick Look at $AMZN and $TSLA

01/06/2022: Forgive Me for Doing This to You

01/05/2022: Still Two Possibilities

01/05/2022: In Case We Fail to Break Down Hard, Keep This Thought in Mind for $ES as Well

01/05/2022: The Exasperating Wait Continues: How We Might Count $ES Here

01/04/2022: $ES Remains in the Range; My Bias Is Still Bearish

01/04/2022: Still Looking for a Top on $ES

01/04/2022: A Few Additional Notes on $ES

01/03/2022: Not Much to Add While $ES Is Rangebound

December 2021

12/31/2021: I See Two Possibilities for $ES

12/30/2021: One Small Point of Pedantry

12/30/2021: Two Other World Indices That Look Like They Need a Further Decline: $FTSE and $DAX

12/30/2021: No Retracement on $ES Yet

12/30/2021: Just a Few Additional Remarks on $ES

12/29/2021: A Quick $VIX Observation

12/29/2021: No Changes to $ES Count, Couple of Comments

12/29/2021: Another Risk Signal: $OIL

12/29/2021: $ES May Need Another High

12/29/2021: I Am Going to Adopt a More Bearish Tone: Here’s Why

12/28/2021: One Minor Additional Point RE: $ES

12/28/2021: I Am Inclined to Count $ES as Being Within Wave Four of Minute Degree

12/28/2021: Strictly Precautionary Bearish $ES Count

12/27/2021: Present Thoughts on an $ES Count

12/23/2021: Some Various Thoughts on $ES

12/22/2021: Two Ways I Can Count $ES Here; 4693 Eliminates One of Them

12/21/2021: This Is How I Would Count $ES Impulsively Here

12/20/2021: No Changes, But Here Is an Extra Thought for $ES

12/20/2021: No Fundamental Change to $ES Analysis

12/20/2021: Couple of Count Updates to Account for the Lower Lows

12/19/2021: Member Request: A Look at $CHD

12/18/2021: $JNK Vs. $SPX Is Telling Me to Be Unconcerned

12/18/2021: $YM Elliott Wave Count

12/17/2021: I Continue to Favor the Bullish $ES Count

12/17/2021: Micro Inverse on Oil Targets $72

12/17/2021: A Precautionary Look at the Ultra-Bear Count on $SPY

12/17/2021: Potential Inverse H&S on $SPY

12/17/2021: This Bullish Structure on $IWM Makes Me Think Selling Will Stop Sooner Rather than Later

12/17/2021: $SPY May Offer Us a Deeper Count

12/17/2021: $ES Count Perhaps Needs an Adjustment

12/17/2021: I Expect Bitcoin to Rally Soon

12/16/2021: Couple of Additional Data Points

12/16/2021: A Way to Answer the “Is $ES a Nest?” Question

12/16/2021: Above the Orange Box, I Am Inclined to Count $ES as a 1-2

12/16/2021: Not a Primary Count: $ES Back Burner Bear Thought

12/15/2021: Counting the $ES Pump

12/15/2021: I May Be Able to Rule Out One of the Two $ES Options Now

12/15/2021: One Thing I Still Can’t Rule Out

12/15/2021: $AMZN Is a Perfect Example of What Bears Don’t Want to See Here

12/15/2021: $ES and $NQ Targets

12/14/2021: I Am Inclined to Count $ES Bullishly Here

12/14/2021: One Way We Can Count $NQ Is as a Correction

12/14/2021: Watch This Flag on $ES

12/14/2021: Still Unclear Here, Big Bounce Is Possible

12/14/2021: Two Strange Structures: $ES and $NQ

12/13/2021: An $ES Count Guesstimate

12/13/2021: Until Some Risk Signals Abate, the Very Bearish $ES Count Is Still a Real Possibility

12/11/2021: Let’s Review Bitcoin

12/11/2021: Humor Me One Ultra-Bearish $ES Count

12/11/2021: $SPX Micro Count: Bear Porn Edition

12/11/2021: The $DAX Says, “Untergehen”

12/11/2021: Stocks Like $DIS Make Me Want to See One More Flush

12/11/2021: Member Request: An Update on $BABA

12/10/2021: $ES Bull Bear Counts

12/10/2021: $OIL May Suggest That the Big Pink B Is In

12/10/2021: Be Prepared In Case I am a Complete Idiot

12/10/2021: And I Believe $SPY’s Structure of Course Comes from $AAPL

12/10/2021: $SPY Chopfest Likely a B-Wave

12/10/2021: I Slightly Favor the More Bearish $ES Alternative: Here’s an Unknown to Know About

12/09/2021: $TLT May Support One More Period of Weakness in Equities

12/09/2021: Slightly Revised $BTC Count

12/09/2021: A Special Surprise Outcome to Keep in Mind

12/08/2021: Quick $AAPL Update

12/08/2021: Possible That $ES Has Completed an Impulse Wave of Minute Degree

12/08/2021: Dow Jones Transportation Average…Ah…So Much Easier This Way

12/08/2021: $TLT Bear Wedge, Count Looks Corrective

12/07/2021: $ES Count Guess

12/07/2021: Let Us Try to Count the $AAPL Fractal

12/07/2021: Now That We’ve Gone Shooting Up as Expected, Let Me Point Out One Risk Assessment on $ES

12/07/2021: $ES Expectations, Next Few Days

12/07/2021: Long-Term Bond Count Is Really Weird, But May Tell Us Important Future Swings: Let’s Get Svelte with $TLT

12/07/2021: $NQ May Suggest One More Drop

12/06/2021: Couple of Thoughts on $ES

12/06/2021: $ES Micro Count Targets 4620

12/06/2021: $OIL, Long-Term Target

12/06/2021: Revisiting $AMC from a Bullish Perspective

12/06/2021: $OIL Inverse Targets $75

12/05/2021: The Great “Bull” Case

12/05/2021: I Lied, One More: $HOOD

12/05/2021: Last Growth Stock for the Day: $TREE

12/05/2021: $ZM: Another Growth Stock Which—I Believe—Targets Much Higher Prices

12/04/2021: $PLTR: Bull Count and Targets for 2022

12/04/2021: This Leg of Correction on $TLRY Possibly Complete

12/04/2021: $BTC: Bullish Count

12/03/2021: I Don’t Have Much to Add Today: Here Are a Few Thoughts

12/02/2021: $RTY: Potential Inverse

12/01/2021: $ES Got Through the September High, Now What?

12/01/2021: $SPY Looks to Be Completing an Impulse Wave

12/01/2021: If We Do Not Take Out the 9/3 High Tonight, I Will Adopt a Medium-Term Bullish Stance (Few Weeks): Here’s Why

November 2021

11/30/2021: And Let’s Also Look at the “Bad Dream” $ES Scenario

11/30/2021: Let’s at Least Examine My Worst Nightmare: The Bull Case

11/30/2021: $ES at Very Important Juncture

11/30/2021: Expectations for $ES from Here

11/30/2021: Another Way to look at $ES Is as a Broken Down Head and Shoulders Pattern

11/30/2021: Bear Flags and Frothing Bullishness: Local Structure on $YM

11/30/2021: A Way to Count $AMZN Here

11/30/2021: The Thorn in My Side: $NQ

11/29/2021: $ES Two Bear Counts, Overlaid

11/29/2021: $RTY Bear Flag

11/29/2021: Bearish $ES Micro Count

11/28/2021: The Arguments for Reflation and Deflation: A Look at the Dollar, Gold, Uranium and Oil

11/27/2021: Member Request: A Look at $CHGG

11/26/2021: One More Quick $ES Observation

11/26/2021: A Couple of Ways We May Count $ES

11/25/2021: A Basic Structural Observation on $ES

11/24/2021: $RSP Triple Nested 1-2s and Head and Shoulders Pattern

11/24/2021: Here Is How I Am Inclined to Count the Recent Structure on $ES

11/24/2021: A Review of the Options for $ES, As I See Them Here

11/24/2021: The Bearish Version of the Triangle Idea from Earlier

11/24/2021: Speculative But Hilarious Bear Count

11/24/2021: Some Bullish $ES Levels in Case We Get a Channel Breach

11/24/2021: Some $ES Bear Count Squiggle Guessing

11/24/2021: Here Is the Bear $ES Count

11/23/2021: I Am Becoming Increasingly Concerned That This Has All Just Been a Wave Four Correction

11/22/2021: The Real Test Will Be: Can $ES Break 4450?

11/22/2021: Did the Dam Finally Break?

11/20/2021: Macro $AAPL Fractal Lends Itself as a Diagonal as Well

11/20/2021: And Here Is How $SPY’s Move May Look on $ES

11/20/2021: November 20, 2021: Weekend Analysis of the S&P 500

11/20/2021: I Am Going to Slightly Shift the Focus of This Website

11/20/2021: A Weird Thought for $IWM

11/20/2021: A Bullish Observation If We Don’t See Heavy Selling Next Week

11/19/2021: I Am Expecting a Bounce on $BTC

11/19/2021: Two Ways I Can Count $ES

11/19/2021: $ES Micro Intra-Day Count

11/19/2021: Here Is Another Bear Count We Can Use

11/19/2021: Humor Me One Bear Fantasy

11/19/2021: I Will Carry This Ugly Bearish Alt

11/19/2021: Bear Count Is Dead

11/18/2021: What I’m Seeing Here

11/18/2021: Below the 11/16 High, $ES Bear Count Would Look Like This

11/18/2021: Here Is How I Am Inclined to Count $ES

11/18/2021: Yes, I Feel Dumb, Here Is a New $ES Bear Count

11/17/2021: $ES Super-Duper Nest and Some Target Ideas

11/17/2021: $ES Micro Bear Count

11/17/2021: Without a Big Selloff, $ES Still Risks a Trip to 4800

11/17/2021: The Market Is Not Going to Clear Its Throat and Announce a Top: A Brief Look at India’a Nifty 50

11/16/2021: Bitcoin Inverse May Be Failing

11/16/2021: $TLT Structure and Target

11/16/2021: Turkish Lira Is Failing, Something Bad Is Coming

11/16/2021: $SPY Can Subdivide; No Change to Analysis

11/16/2021: $BTC May Counter Trend Bounce

11/16/2021: I know I’m a Broken Record, But I Continue to Think We Go Down Next

11/15/2021: $TSLA May Dive to Circa $750

11/15/2021: Here is an $ES Count That Accounts for Its Reluctance to Move Impulsively

11/15/2021: If Sellers Show Up Soon, Here is How We May Count $ES

11/15/2021: My Immediate Concerns Appear to Have Been Unwarranted

11/15/2021: Likewise We May Test $ES Here, Too

11/15/2021: A Test for My Bitcoin Thesis Is Upon Us

11/15/2021: Some Random Additional Evidence

11/14/2021: The Great Bear Case

11/12/2021: If One Were Inclined to Count $ES Very Bearishly, Here Is How One Could Do It

11/12/2021: Rally on $SPY Counts Beautifully as a Correction Now

11/12/2021: A Look at the $NQ Count and Some Lower $SPY Targets, Just in Case

11/12/2021: I Wish I Could Be More Certain Here

11/12/2021: Here’s a Sort of Bearish $ES Alt to Keep in Mind

11/12/2021: Some $ES Micro Counting

11/11/2021: When Memes Become Reality

11/11/2021: A Breakout of the $RTY Bull Flag Targets Prior Highs

11/11/2021: A Quick $VIX Observation

11/11/2021: Above Yesterday’s Lows, We Are Free to Count $ES as a Nest

11/11/2021: Just as a Precaution: The Dumbest Thing I Could Think Of

11/11/2021: Just Thinking Ahead Here for $ES

11/10/2021: Things I Like and Things I Don’t

11/10/2021: $ES at an Inflection Point

11/09/2021: This May Have Only Been a Four on $SPY

11/09/2021: Entirely Speculative, Exotic $ES Count

11/09/2021: I Will Be Watching to See Whether $ES Has Entered Distribution

11/09/2021: Let’s Review the Evidence Before Us

11/08/2021: Primary (Bearish) and Alternative (Bullish) $ES Counts

11/08/2021: $ES Should Be Ending a Move at Any Moment

11/07/2021: Reiterating a Strange $SPX Count, Just in Case

11/07/2021: A Wild $SPX Fib Relationship: This One’s For the Bears

11/06/2021: Now Let’s Do $MSFT

11/06/2021: Now, Let’s Go Through the $AAPL Fractals

11/06/2021: A Look at the $FB Fractals

11/05/2021: $ADBE Has All the Needed Ingredients for a Top to Be in Place

11/05/2021: Cancelling Previous $ARKW Call, Presenting a New One

11/05/2021: The $AMZN Wyckoff Pattern of Distribution Remains a Real Possibility

11/05/2021: A $TLT Observation

11/05/2021: I Am Now Looking for Downside in $BTC

11/05/2021: $AMD May Face Risk Here

11/05/2021: Member Request: A Look at $OCGN

11/05/2021: $XOM May Have Completed Minute 1, and May Now Retrace

11/04/2021: New Primary $ES Count

11/04/2021: An $SVXY Milestone Has Been Reached

11/04/2021: Here Is a $RTY Count

11/04/2021: In the Event That We Do Not Want to Be Stupidly Bullish, Here Is an Option

11/03/2021: The Stupidly Bullish $ES Count

11/03/2021: $ES Channel Strike May Be Next Target

11/03/2021: We May Be Cast into the Unknown

11/02/2021: $JNK Giving Us One More Warning Sign

11/02/2021: There Is a Slightly Increased Risk of Total Market Failure

11/02/2021: $SPY Leading / Ending Diagonal?

11/02/2021: $XLE May Pull Back Soon

11/01/2021: $OIL May Pull Back to the 70s

11/01/2021: Bearish $ES Count Continues to Be My Primary, Bullish Count Still Possible

October 2021

10/30/2021: Member Request: $NFE May Have Entered a New Bullish Cycle of Primary Degree

10/30/2021: $WY Correction Looks Incomplete

10/30/2021: Member Request: I Expect $TELL to Continue Its Advance

10/30/2021: $MDLZ Should Extend to Minute 3 Target

10/30/2021: $BABA Should Be in Minute Two Wave

10/30/2021: I Would Like to See a Slightly Deeper Pullback Here for $NIO Prior to Another Advance

10/30/2021: $VFC May Have Completed Wave Two of Intermediate Degree

10/30/2021: $SGEN May Be a Candidate for a Cup & Handle

10/29/2021: $AAPL Should Go First Lower, and Then Higher

10/29/2021: $ES Bull Count With Two Target Ideas

10/29/2021: Short-Term $SPY Target

10/29/2021: Revisiting the $ES Bull Count

10/28/2021: And $NQ and $RTY Look Ripe As Well

10/28/2021: If This is a Bull Trap, This Is What May Follow

10/28/2021: If $ES Fails to Break Down, Here Is a Target

10/27/2021: Hopefully That Announced the Turn I Have Been Looking For

10/25/2021: A Wild Thought on $TSLA

10/25/2021: Both Bull and Bear $ES Counts Should Lead to Lower Prices

10/23/2021: I suspect an Inverse May Be Forming on $FNV

10/23/2021: A Member Request: An Examination of $EWZ

10/23/2021: Member Request: A Look at $DOCN

10/23/2021: A Couple of Explanatory Notes Added to the About Page

10/22/2021: $TLRY May Enter a Bleeding Death

10/22/2021: $T Requires a Revision: A Grave Development

10/22/2021: I Haven’t Much to Add Here; Here’s Some Micro Counting

10/22/2021: Divergences Across the Board

10/21/2021: Observation on the 10-Year Yield

10/21/2021: I Now Favor the Bearish $ES Count

10/20/2021: Remain Mindful of the Bearish Alternative on $ES

10/19/2021: $ES Bear Case Revisited, Just in Case

10/19/2021: A Peculiarity on $RTY

10/19/2021: Member Request: A First Look at $OKTA

10/19/2021: A Couple of Thoughts on $ES

10/19/2021: $YM Larger Inverse May Target Somewhat Significantly Higher Prices

10/17/2021: Weekend Recap: A Look at the US Indices, Yields, and the $VIX

10/16/2021: Update on Website Search Functionality

10/16/2021: Tags for US Indices Are Now Consolidated

10/16/2021: $BK Should Continue to Extend

10/16/2021: $LAC Cup and Handle, Target

10/16/2021: $DOGE Wave Three Target

10/16/2021: $AAL Bull Count and Minute Three Target

10/15/2021: Revised $TSLA Call

10/15/2021: A First Look at $RBLX

10/15/2021: A Note on Website Search Functionality

10/15/2021: Addendum to Post on $ES: Inverse Also Possible

10/15/2021: $IBM May Have Entered a Third Wave Advance of Intermediate Degree

10/14/2021: $ES That Was the Pump I Have Been Looking For

10/14/2021: $GOOGL Wave Three Target

10/14/2021: $SPY Nest Count Revisited

10/14/2021: Ultra Long-Term $DXY Count

10/13/2021: A $DXY Update, Could Top Out at Any Moment, Or Extend

10/13/2021: Again, Nothing Much I Can Say Here on $ES, Interpretation Remains Unchanged

10/12/2021: Member Request: One Quick Thought on $NET

10/12/2021: Member Request: $FCX Count

10/12/2021: No Significant Updates, Some Squiggle Counting on $ES for You

10/11/2021: Two Charts and Relata

10/11/2021: $FCX Bull Wedge and Targets

10/11/2021: If $SPY Is a Nest, Here is a Target

10/09/2021: $BTC Long-Term View

10/09/2021: $ATVI Correction May Be Complete

10/09/2021: $ATO May Have a Significant Low in Place: First Target

10/09/2021: $APA Likely in a Third Wave Advance and Target

10/09/2021: $AOS Micro Inverse and Target

10/09/2021: $CVNA Should Get a Bounce Soon

10/09/2021: Looking for Structure Potential on $CRM

10/09/2021: $MSFT Bullish Consolidation Target

10/09/2021: Updated Call on $FXI

10/08/2021: $CAT: Small Degree Wave 3 Target Now Available

10/08/2021: An Update on $F

10/08/2021: My Bias on $ES Remains Bullish Here

10/08/2021: Possibly Time to Nibble on $CHWY

10/07/2021: Something That Gives Bullish Me Pause

10/07/2021: $ES My Bullish Expectations, Plus Another Look at the Bearish Alternative

10/07/2021: $ES May Get a Reaction Here

10/07/2021: The $DAX: Swing Count, Retracement Zone and Target

10/07/2021: I Believe an Inverse Is Forming on the $FTSE

10/06/2021: $ES Bull/Bear Alternate Counts Updated

10/06/2021: $ES Bull/Bear Alternate Counts

10/05/2021: Present Thoughts on the Indices ($ES, $NQ, $RTY AND $YM)

10/05/2021: $SPY May Strive for a Channel Strike

10/05/2021: $FB Analysis Update, Count Upgrade

10/04/2021: One More Count, Perhaps the Most Bullish of Them All, But Hear Me Out

10/04/2021: $ES Bear Count & Targets

10/04/2021: Precautionary Head and Shoulders Measured Move on $SPY

10/04/2021: Weakness This Morning Makes Me Cautious

10/04/2021: It Is What it Is: 60% Potential Upside for $WMB

10/04/2021: Shanghai Composite Bull Wedge Targets Trend Line Retest from Beneath

10/04/2021: A Breakout of This Bull Flag on $ES May Lead to a Channel Strike

10/04/2021: $DISH Likely Headed Toward Target

10/03/2021: $AIV Bull Pennant Target

10/03/2021: $AJG Bullish Structure and Target

10/03/2021: $CFG Offers Us an Example of Something I Think Is Important

10/03/2021: Elliott Wave Channeling Technique and $ES

10/02/2021: $CINF: Another Inverse, Another Target

10/02/2021: This Well-Defined Structure on $PYPL Gives us a Target

10/02/2021: A Member Request: $MCHI May Be Forming a Bottom

10/01/2021: A Member Request: $BWXT, First Impressions

10/01/2021: Such a Magnificent Structure on $BWA

10/01/2021: Bullish Consolidation and Target for $BA

10/01/2021: A Structural Comment on the $NDX

10/01/2021: $APPS Bullish Consolidation Wedge Breakout and a Target

10/01/2021: $SPY Bull Flag and Target

10/01/2021: $XLE Bullish Consolidation Breakout and Target

10/01/2021: $RTY: Next Target

10/01/2021: The Nikkei Is Entering the Expected Range for a Wave 2 of Intermediate Degree

10/01/2021: $HSBC Is in the Range for a Two of Primary Degree

10/01/2021: New $OIL Target

10/01/2021: $COMM Bounce Imminent and Target

September 2021

09/30/2021: $CMI May Produce a Fade-able Bounce Soon

09/30/2021: $CCI Is Entering the Expected Range for an Intermediate Wave 2

09/30/2021: $ANTM Long Consolidation May Lead to a Channel Strike

09/30/2021: $ABMD Bullish Consolidation Breakout, Retest and Target

09/30/2021: And One More Reason We Might Be Done

09/30/2021: We Need to Be Cautious About Expecting Further Correction Here

09/30/2021: $QQQ Diverging Excellently Here

09/30/2021: $ABB Possibly Entering Correction of Primary Degree

09/30/2021: $AA May Be Completing Its Third Intermediate Wave

09/30/2021: $PG Inverse and Target

09/30/2021: The Correction on $XJO Looks Complete

09/29/2021: A $GOOGL Update

09/29/2021: Some Thoughts on the Indices

09/29/2021: $ROKU Wedge and Target

09/29/2021: Revised $DXY Count, Now Looking for More Upside

09/29/2021: $JETS Long-Term Next Target

09/29/2021: Yields, Small Caps and Tech

09/29/2021: A Quick Note on the $VIX

09/29/2021: $QQQ Minor 4 Remains My Preferred Count

09/29/2021: $CMCSA in Intermediate Wave 4 on My Count

09/29/2021: The Big Bull Count for $XLE and Target

09/28/2021: A Purely Speculative Thought for $SPY

09/28/2021: $AAPL Has the Right Look so Far: Target

09/28/2021: If We’re Bullish, We Would Probably Rally from About Here

09/28/2021: $CI Should Get a Good Bounce, But Watch for a Head and Shoulders

09/28/2021: A Couple of $NFLX Targets

09/28/2021: A Macro Cup & Handle Formation May Be Developing on $KR

09/28/2021: $ADM Remains in a Negative Configuration

09/28/2021: $VRTX Bull Wedge and Relief Targets

09/28/2021: The Ascending Triangle on $ANSS Has Broken Down, But I Wouldn’t Worry Just Yet

09/28/2021: $NOK Is in a Countertrend Bounce, I Believe

09/28/2021: $HCA Probably on the Precipice of a Correction

09/28/2021: $DLTR Poised for at Least a Countertrend Bounce

09/27/2021: Looking for a Better Bounce on $CDE

09/27/2021: Monitoring $CAT to Determine Next Moves

09/27/2021: $CLX Should See a Bounce Soon

09/27/2021: Relentless $DISCK Grind Should See a Relief Rally Soon

09/27/2021: Predicted $FOX Breakout Has Arrived

09/27/2021: $FTV May Be Ending a Bullish Cycle

09/27/2021: $M Inverse Targets the Orange Box

09/27/2021: The $PRPL Triangle Has Become a Wedge (and Target)

09/27/2021: The $MOMO Wedge and Target

09/27/2021: A $RTY Target

09/27/2021: The Two Questions at Hand

09/27/2021: $PLUG New Target

09/27/2021: A Couple of Reasons I Remain Skeptical of the $ES Pump

09/26/2021: Two Hypothetical Chart Patterns for You on $ES

09/26/2021: An Exhaustive Guide to the Most Significant Elliott Wave Count Alternatives Available to Us

09/24/2021: A Micro Count for $ES

09/24/2021: $SPY: Sideways Move Today May Mean Another High Is Coming

09/24/2021: $SPY: A Second Selloff May Be Gaining Probability

09/24/2021: $SPY Short-Term Bear Target

09/24/2021: An $ES Count for a Few More Dark Days Ahead

09/24/2021: An Update on $ES

09/24/2021: I Believe a Low Has Formed in Gold

09/24/2021: Revision of My Recent $TSLA Call and More Confidence in a Longer-Term Count

09/24/2021: $GE Longer-Term, Shorter-Term

09/24/2021: Here Is My Interpretation of $ADBE

09/24/2021: A Look at $MSOS, Dude

09/24/2021: A $BABA Update

09/23/2021: $Corn Wedge and Target

09/23/2021: $HOOD Potential for a Pop

09/23/2021: $SPY Idealized Next Moves

09/23/2021: Revising My $WBA Call

09/23/2021: A Thought on the $ES Bear Wedge

09/23/2021: $WISH Is a Totally Garbage Company but Can Be Traded While You Hate It

09/23/2021: $FDX Probably Entering Correction of Significant Degree

09/22/2021: $RTY: Triangle Can Be Moved Here, Too; New Pattern; and Target

09/22/2021: $BYND Yes, Another One of These Patterns, I’m Sorry. It is what it is.

09/22/2021: $DOGE Bull Wedge and Target, lol

09/22/2021: Quick Note on the $VIX

09/22/2021: Here’s a Short-Term $ETH Call for the Plebs

09/22/2021: Just a Fun Tidbit for You Guys on the Dow

09/22/2021: Possibility of a Fade Fade on $PLTR

09/22/2021: Moving the Triangle to $AAPL Gives Us This Lovely Picture

09/22/2021: $FTSE’s Overlapping Wave Structure Removes Doubt About Market Selloff Being Corrective

09/22/2021: $TUP Also Shows a Familiar Pattern

09/22/2021: $SILVER Targeting Top of the Ginormous Triangle

09/22/2021: This is the $ES Count I Am Most Inclined Towards

09/22/2021: $NYA Count Indicates Nearing End of 4th Wave

09/22/2021: $DASH May Get Thrashed

09/22/2021: $10YRYLD Long-Term Outlook

09/22/2021: Perhaps $XLF Offers Us a Vital Clue

09/21/2021: $ES Not Too Much to Comment on Today

09/21/2021: $BTC and $ETH Dump Was the Sweet Spot, New Targets

09/21/2021: If $ES Forms a Shoulder Here…

09/21/2021: $GSG Is One of the Reasons I Let Myself Become Stupidly Bullish. Let Me Explain

09/21/2021: $GILD Continues Grinding in Its Wedge

09/21/2021: $COIN Count and Target

09/21/2021: A $ZM Update

09/21/2021: A $DXY Update

09/20/2021: $IWM Higher Highs, Higher Lows

09/20/2021: An $ES Count Thought

09/20/2021: $TWLO Pattern and Target

09/20/2021: A $VIX Thought

09/20/2021: $AAPL Should Proceed to My Target Box

09/20/2021: $AMZN Has the Right Look

09/20/2021: $XLF Looks Good, Too

09/20/2021: $LUMBER Counts Well and Has an Additional Structure

09/20/2021: $AMC Retracement May Mean Wave 2 Is Early

09/20/2021: $OIL Remains in a Positive Configuration

09/20/2021: The Bearish Interpretation of $GOOGL

09/20/2021: $IWM At Crucial Trend Line

09/20/2021: $EEM at Wedge, Should Find Support

09/20/2021: $SVXY at a Supportive EMA

09/20/2021: $VXX Approaching Important Technical

09/20/2021: $ES Two Favored Counts for This Correction

09/20/2021: $ES Trend Line Strike

09/20/2021: $SPY Bear Count and Target

09/20/2021: $RTY Approaching Two Points of Interest

09/20/2021: If $ES Takes Out the August Low Here’s What I Will Be Considering

09/20/2021: $VIX Wedge Breakout & $ES Count Options

09/20/2021: $NNDM Same Structure as in Many Places

09/20/2021: $YM Has Entered the Range for a Wave 2

09/20/2021: Large Bull Flag on $GRWG May Be Primary 2

09/20/2021: $TRV Wave Count Suggest Further Upside

09/20/2021: $STZ in the Target Range, Wedge and Inverse, and Target

09/20/2021: $SNPS Should Get At Least One More Lift

09/20/2021: $TTWO: They’re Everywhere and They’re All Going to Do the Same Thing

09/20/2021: If the World Indices Were About to Get Destroyed, We Wouldn’t Be Seeing This

09/20/2021: A Magnificent Structure on $UBER

09/20/2021: Here Is My $V Target

09/20/2021: $VMW You Heard it Here First

09/20/2021: $UDR In a Wave Four, Next Expectations

09/19/2021: Here’s What This Feels Like to Me: $ES Speculation

09/19/2021: $ES, $NQ & $YM, All at Important Trend Lines; Targets

09/19/2021: $SOYBEANS Will Likely See at Least a Technical Rally

09/19/2021: $PLTR Next Moves

09/19/2021: A Couple of Charts and Thoughts on $TGT

09/19/2021: $TWTR Could See Substantial Upside

09/19/2021: $SIVB Should Be in its 5th Intermediate Wave

09/19/2021: $SNAP Shouldn’t Be Too Snappy for a While Yet

09/19/2021: $SHW Should Continue to Extend

09/19/2021: $HPQ Continues to Look Bullish

09/19/2021: Some Fine Tuning on $SBUX’s Correction

09/19/2021: I Believe $SBAC Should Find Support Soon Here

09/19/2021: I Expect the Markup Phase on $RSG to Continue for Some Time

09/19/2021: $RH Technicals Discussed Previously Still Alive, Here Is a Target

09/19/2021: $MKTX Got the Expected Bitch Slap, Here Are My Expectations Now

09/19/2021: The Anticipated Move on $INTC May Have Begun

09/19/2021: $DPZ Continues to Fill Out its Structure

09/19/2021: $DD Pattern Has Widened, But Target Remains

09/19/2021: $DIS Following the Script I Laid Out in August

09/19/2021: Goodbye Tag Cloud, Hello Custom Ticker List

09/19/2021: Have Your $CAKE and Eat it Too

09/18/2021: $APD Will Likely See Some Relief Soon

09/18/2021: $FXI Bear Flag Points to Another Low

09/18/2021: $VRM Is Due for at Least a Technical Relief Bounce

09/18/2021: $CCJ May Need to Correct Its Advance

09/18/2021: $T Should Give Us at Least a Countertrend Bounce

09/18/2021: $BABA Likely Putting in a Low of Cycle Degree

09/18/2021: The Reflation Trade Isn’t Dead and Evergrande Isn’t Lehman

09/18/2021: $GM Bull Count and Target

09/18/2021: A Simple Argument in Defense of 60% Upside on $MARA

09/17/2021: $BTC Bull Flag and Target

09/17/2021: $Z Shows a Familiar Pattern

09/17/2021: $CSCO Is Retesting an Ancient Trend Line

09/17/2021: $FMC Has Reacted to a Reasonable Fib Level and Should Extend Higher

09/17/2021: Bullish Consolidation on $DIA Points Higher

09/17/2021: $OIl Building Energy

09/17/2021: Bull Wedge on $ETH and Target

09/17/2021: Large Structure on $IWM Suggests a Big Move

09/17/2021: $QQQ Wedge Points to Monster Rally Next Week

09/17/2021: Getting $AAPL Right Gets a Lot Right

09/17/2021: $AMC Creepily Hitting My Targets, A Couple of Short-Term Projections

09/17/2021: An Expansion of the Correction on $SPY Could Look Something Like This

09/17/2021: I May Be Completely Wrong About the Very Short-Term Bullish Calls, Here is Target for the $VIX

09/17/2021: $VIAC Bull Wedge and Target

09/17/2021: $NOV Micro Inverse and Target

09/17/2021: $AES Bull Wedge and Target

09/17/2021: The Large Inverse on $ARKW should take us above $180

09/17/2021: $GPN Has Come to a Good Fib, Looking for it to Rally

09/17/2021: Mixed Signals on $DXY

09/17/2021: $NIO Bullish Upgrade

09/17/2021: I Believe a Low of Significance is Being Put in on $LVS

09/17/2021: Conservative Count on $TREE Points to 20% Rally

09/17/2021: Compounded Bullish Structures on $SPCE

09/17/2021: $SKLZ Bull Pennant in a Large Bullish Wedge

09/17/2021: Even Dead Cats Bounce: Looking for a 14% Rally in the Hang Seng ($HSI) Soon

09/16/2021: $NKLA Continues to Find Support, I Expect a Rally Soon

09/16/2021: An Additional Thought on $GOLD, Longer Time Frame

09/17/2021: $MSTR Wave Count and Some Targets

09/16/2021: $NNOX May Be Entering a 3rd Wave Advance

09/16/2021: $AMD Inverse and Target

09/16/2021: $IYT Revision

09/16/2021: Reversing My $CCL Prediction

09/16/2021: Big Move Possible on $TSLA

09/16/2021: $WMT May Find Support Here

09/16/2021: Three Charts, Three Levels ($SPY, $IWM and $AAPL)

09/16/2021: $GOLD May Find Support Here

09/16/2021: $SPLK Inverse and Long-Term Count

09/16/2021: $NLSN Almost Certainly Will Get a Reaction Here

09/16/2021: $XOP Presents a Well-Formed Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern

09/16/2021: Is $CPB Set for a Monster Run?

09/16/2021: Expecting Upside on $PLATINUM

09/16/2021: $AI Has a Well-Formed Bullish Wedge

09/15/2021: $XLF Looking to Advance After Correction Is Complete

09/15/2021: $LMT Has 30% Upside Target

09/15/2021: $FB Still in Third Wave Advance of Intermediate Degree

09/15/2021: Scrambling to Revise $ETH Count

09/15/2021: Gaining Some Clarity Here on $HOOD

09/15/2021: $SPOT Bullish Structure and Target

09/15/2021: $GME Following My Script Closely So Far: Here Are the Next Projections

09/15/2021: $PLUG Inverse and Target

09/15/2021: $GOOGL Bullish Structure and Target

09/15/2021: $F Bullish Wedge Breakout and Wave Count Target

09/15/2021: $EEM Entering Expected Support Zone

09/15/2021: $JD Should Find Support Prior to Another Rally

09/15/2021: $OIL Multiple Bullish Structures

09/15/2021: $COPPER Inverse Head and Shoulders and Target

09/15/2021: $XOM Hyper-Bullish Wave Count Can Be Tested Here

09/15/2021: $VALE Should Now Produce a Counter-Trend Rally

09/15/2021: $WMT Poised for Further Upside

09/15/2021: $X May Produce a Significant Rally

09/15/2021: $KODK Has Some Ingredients for an Absurd Rally

09/15/2021: $BLL Expected Bull Wedge Breakout Has Happened, Here Are Refined Targets

09/15/2021: $FSLY Also Has a Well-Formed Bullish Wedge

09/14/2021: $AAL Bullish Wedge Set for Flight

09/14/2021: $JNK Looking for Upside

09/14/2021: $ES Primary Count Dependent Upon a Strong Rally

09/14/2021: Update on $IWM

09/14/2021: Update on $SPY

09/14/2021: $SPY Short-Term Count

09/14/2021: $TLT May Falter Soon

09/14/2021: $DIA Bounce Target

09/14/2021: $IYT Bear Wedge Breakdown with Targets

09/14/2021: $AAPL Selloff Looks Impulsive, So Here Are My Expectations

09/14/2021: $RIOT Support Here Should Lead to a Rally

09/14/2021: $IWM Deeper Than Expected, but Bounce Still Expected

09/14/2021: The Bear View on $SPY

09/14/2021: The Bear View on $RTY

09/14/2021: A Deep Dive into $PLUG

09/14/2021: $CCL Continues to Look Very Grave

09/14/2021: Two Counts for $AMD, Both Lead in the Same Direction

09/13/2021: Slow to Get Going, $INCY Still Expected to Rally Soon

09/13/2021: $CL Set to Rally

09/13/2021: $NIO May Need a Further Low to Complete Its Correction

09/13/2021: Inverse on $ES and Target

09/13/2021: $PLTR Finding Initial Support Here May Lead to a Rally

09/13/2021: Expecting Upside on $SPY

09/13/2021: $IWM Potential for a Bounce

09/13/2021: $WBA Correction Looks Incomplete

09/13/2021: $UPWK Ascending Triangle Continues to Seem Probable

09/13/2021: $ZM May Offer a Good Risk Reward Here for a Long Swing

09/12/2021: Rare Chart Pattern Possibility on $ES

09/12/2021: Full Index Counts for $ES, $NQ, $RTY and $YM with Justifications

09/12/2021: Here’s Why I Doubt We’re Near A Major Market Top

09/12/2021: $VIX Chicken or $VIX Egg?

09/11/2021: $ES Set for Sharp Short-Term Rally

09/11/2021: $AAPL Pullbacks Should Continue to Find Support for a While Longer

09/10/2021: Here Is a Count I Would Supply for $ES for the Moment

09/10/2021: $SPY, $QQQ and $IWM Are Building Bullish Short-Term Structures

09/10/2021: $TLRY Bull Wedge Risks the Loss of its Potency

09/10/2021: The Rally on $ES Today Gives Us an Excellent Shot at Testing Lower Prices

09/09/2021: Two Possibilities for $AMZN: Either One Should Lead to Lower Prices in the Short-Term

09/09/2021: What to Expect During the First Couple of Weeks on This Site