I have sent a follow request to your private Twitter feed @derecks_trades, but I have not yet been given access. What is wrong?

It probably means that you have not yet sent me any money. Or you have, but have not yet told me what your Twitter handle is, and I haven’t gotten around to asking you for it yet.

Why were you so bearish and wrong in the second half of 2020?

Erm, oops. I guess the lockdowns didn’t make me feel very bullish which, in hindsight, was quite a remarkable error.

What will you do if we limit down tonight?

You don’t want to know.

I have lost access to the group. Why have I and what should I do?

That is because more than one calendar month has passed since I received a donation from you. Simply send a new payment and request to join the private Twitter feed again and you will be readmitted.

What is the website password?

The current password can be found in the pinned tweet of the private Twitter feed, or, if you’re not a Twitter user, I have e-mailed it to all members who are current.