My work on this website focuses on these areas:

  1. Regular technical analysis updates on the S&P 500, including frequently updated Elliott Wave counts
  2. Broad market analyses, written in article format, in which I assemble market information that I believe gives us insight into market direction
  3. Somewhat frequent technical analysis of the other major U.S. indices (but not as frequent as those done for the S&P 500)
  4. I do also take chart requests from members

I also maintain a library of charts on individual names. I update these when I have time and when I see something particularly promising, something that I think generates a reliable target.

Much of this work is password protected when it is first produced, though all old posts will eventually have their passwords removed.

You can get an idea of the kind of work I produce by browsing the public posts.

Members may browse and access all posts (public and private) directly here on the website, and they can be notified of new posts either via Twitter or via e-mail if they are not a Twitter user. To be notified of new posts via e-mail, use the subscribe form in the sidebar on the left. When I make a new post, it is sent both to the Twitter feed and to e-mail subscribers automatically.