I generate trade setups based on a variety of forms of technical analysis (and some Ouija Board mysticism). This is the vast majority of the work that I do. I also offer almost daily commentary on the major US indices. Much of this work is password protected when it is first produced, though all old posts will eventually have their passwords removed.

Members may browse and access posts directly here on the website, and they can be notified of new posts either via Twitter or via e-mail if they are not a Twitter user. To be notified of new posts via e-mail, use the tool at the very bottom of the sidebar on the left beneath all of the tickers. When I make a new post, it is sent both to the Twitter feed and to e-mail subscribers automatically.

I offer additional, broader market analyses and commentary in article format here and in video format on Youtube. 

From time to time, I have the inclination to write tutorial articles and to record tutorial videos discussing the various forms of technical analysis that I have studied.

I also am glad to take individual chart requests from members when I am able to.

Finally, I post my trade history in spreadsheet form so that people can see the specific trades I have taken and their outcomes. The most current version of this will reside behind a password because it includes present trades, but older versions will be publicly available so that they may be reviewed.

As a result of all of these various features, I have created a table to help you to see what paying and non-paying folks can obtain from me.


  Non-Paying Groupies Donation-Paying Cult Members
Access to a limited number of public trade setups that I post on this website  
Full access to this website’s content on a delayed basis (days or weeks after initial post)  
Delayed access to Youtube analyses (days to weeks after they are created)  
Delayed access to trade summary tables (past months’ trades can be reviewed, but not current trades)  
Immediate access to this website’s private and public trade setups and almost daily commentary on the major US indices  
Access to my private Twitter feed @derecks_trades where I crosspost the majority of my trade setups and discuss other small matters when a full article does not seem warranted  
Immediate access to Youtube analyses   
Full and immediate access to both current and past trade summary tables  
Personalized chart requests when possible