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[TLDR; In a nutshell: I am a technical analyst who produces trade setups on a wide variety of instruments (including almost daily commentary on US indices). Much of the content, when it is first produced, resides behind a password, which is given to members. The password periodically changes. I keep that password in the pinned tweet on my private Twitter feed, and I e-mail it to members who do not use Twitter. Joining involves sending me a monthly donation of at least $50.]

This page is essentially a sitemap. It summarizes what can be found on the other pages. I’ve done this in an effort to make the site as navigable as possible.

About – A little about me, my areas of interest and expertise in technical analysis, my trading style(s), trading timeframes, and some tips on using the site. This page is a bit long and has several sections, but it will help you to get the most out of this website.
Services – A summary of the services I offer, intend to offer, where I offer them, and who can get access to them.
Join – Details on the procedure on how to join.
Legal – I feel like everyone already knows this stuff and also knows its importance. Trading involves risk and is for adults. I expect you to acknowledge the points made here.
FAQ – “Where is your FAQ?” should not ever be in the FAQ so long as I’ve placed it where I have.
Contact – With great power comes great responsibility, so use this sparingly and wisely.