Perhaps $XLF Offers Us a Vital Clue

Three charts for you to look at.

The move down on $SPY from the top is a complete mess to try to count with any strong degree of certainty. We can certainly take any number of guesses, but it’s too hard to say for sure, I think, one way or another. And getting it right sort of matters.

If it’s a 5-wave move down like this (and every single bear out there right now says it is), then we would expect a 3-wave move back up, followed by another devastating 5-wave move down. It would mean that the correction is not over.


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$XLF Looking to Advance After Correction Is Complete

After correctly predicting $XLF’s move to $39 over the summer here, I believe it has completed a first wave of a new 5-wave structure.

The question at hand is: is the green 2 in or not? The expected depth is to the lower orange box where I have minor (green) 2 placed. If that is where it needs to go, we may expect a short rally to the orange box just above us, then a second leg down.

However, if green 2 is already in, it may begin its rise to green 3 now. To be on the conservative side, my prediction will be lower first before higher.