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I have subscribed to multiple subs over last two years, and I believe Dereck’s analysis is above and beyond most subs out there. He is transparent and continuously adding more “features” to his offering at one of the lowest cost subs out there. Dereck has nailed many turns this year and I have made enough money from his calls to pay for his sub for a lifetime.

D. Patel

Dereck has consistently tracked and anticipated market movements for multiple years, I find his balanced consideration of bull and bear action has kept me from being offsides many times in this brutal chop….plus he shares info on his positioning. He also acknowledges when he misses, and acts with integrity. I am a subscriber because I value his analysis and candor.

Frank G.

I’ve subscribed to Dereck’s Trades since Feb 2022. He is the longest sub that I have had in my short 2 years trading journey. He is an experienced trader with good risk management and his work is definitely worth it as a complement to your trading at an affordable price. Sometimes, when I am busy or confused with price action, reading his articles are enough for me to catch up on the recent moves. All his counts are well thought out, and he includes macro and sentiment in his analysis too. Try out Dereck for a different perspective in trading that other services do not offer.


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